Arkady and Boris Strugatsky - The Inhabited Island In 2114 humanity creates a new space groups - free search.Now, anyone got a spaceship and register the route can go into space.

Thousands of people flock to the stars ...

unstoppable romantic impulse, but terrible ordeals and expect young volunteers GSP.And humanity is not just have to face the consequences of rapid era of space exploration ...


Tale "Inhabited Island" was created by Strugatsky brothers for more than forty years ago.Even in 1968, it published a story about the adventures of a young communist from the future.The protagonist - Maksim Kammerer - fly on personal ship in interstellar space and crashed on a habitable planet.Orders here are similar to those that prevail in the homeland Strugatsky.

dictatorship of the highest elite - Fathers single state ideology - even the most naive readers thought that the writers created a novel anti-utopia, a protest against the existing totalitarian Soviet regime.However, they Strugatsky, while realizing the danger of his position, explaine

d the meaning of the work: "We want only to tell an adventure story about the communist future, got on another planet.

No hidden meaning, however, did not - much of dystopias it was not exactly ".

But even this explanation is not satisfied with the strict Soviet censorship.Writers often altered "Inhabited Island", cleaned the whole "wrong" episodes that book could be released to the press.

For example, censors demanded that the Russian name of Maxim "Rostislavsky" has been replaced by Western - "Kammerer."As a result, in 1969, admirers Strugatsky finally able to get acquainted with a new book.The product quickly became a bestseller of the time.Inspired by the success, Strugatsky wrote a sequel - a few more books."Inhabited Island" became a part of the cycle of works "Trilogy about Maxim Kammer" and "Noon Universe".