Pekhov Alex - Mockingbird Welcome Rapgar!Enlightened capital of the civilized world, the city of a thousand people, the kingdom of passion, the universe, and the magic of steam.

kingdom in which they live alongside the best people and the most terrible monsters of darkness.

ancient capital of the country - the city of many stories, each of which is no less real than yours, and tells the story of someone's life, full of love, hate and adventure.

example, such as those chera Thiel er'Kartia, nicknamed Mockingbird, who, to his misfortune, turned out at the wrong time in the wrong place, because of what his fate changed forever.

About the Author Alex

Pekhov born March 30, 1978 in Moscow, but by a strange coincidence, the birth certificate listed "Electrostal" that with a clear conscience, I can name the town of his childhood.

At the age of three years, developed a cunning plan to escape from the custody of his grandfather, a former cavalry officer of the Red Army and, like the cavalry Budennogo ...