Profession electrician Profession electrician , it may not be considered today is very prestigious, but its importance is only growing.The scope of the profession includes not only the installation of sockets and switches, but also commissioning and installation of transformers, motors and other equipment.

first electrics appeared in the XIX century, just after the discovery of electricity and the appearance of the first plants.It is safe to say that today this profession has not lost its relevance , and vice versa.Now the responsibilities of professionals has increased significantly and substantially more complicated task.

Electricians can be found in the manufacturing and industrial enterprises , in different institutions and organizations, television companies, power , construction management, housing and utilities , as well as transport companies.

As for personal qualities, the electrician profession requires a person of good coordination, availability of technical thinking, a high level of concentration and good r

eactions .In addition, representatives of the profession need to be responsible, careful, attentive, diligent and very careful.

By activity electricians include laying wiring and power supply cables, electrical connection, scheduling and placement of electrical power supply .Also, electricians are involved in preventive maintenance of electrical equipment.Even the representatives of the profession engaged buzzer installed systems and the measurement of resistance.

Profession electrician involves knowledge set electricity rates, the basis of labor legislation all the necessary methods of adjustment, adjustment, installation and repair of electrical equipment .Also, representatives of the profession are required to know the rules of documentation, as well as rules of admission equipment repair and putting it after the adjustment.

should also talk about what profession requires compliance with electrical safety regulations .Electricians must know how to disconnect the room and how to verify the absence of current in the network.

Many electricians are dielectric rubber gloves .They are typically used when it is impossible to determine the voltage in the electrical network or to switch it off altogether.In addition, for electricians with electrical cables are insulating tape to repair damage, and plastic collars , which are needed for fixing the wires.Even the representatives of the profession are always with flat and cross screwdriver for assembly and disassembly of switches, sockets and other devices.It is also necessary to emphasize the presence of special pliers and wire cutters , handles are covered with a special dielectric material.

Finally I must say that you can learn a profession electrician in vocational schools, technical schools and colleges which also provide basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, mechanics, and plotting.Also can learn to be an electrician in the higher technical educational institutions .Higher education enables improve the professional status and qualifications that will give the opportunity to serve a variety of electrical , which are under very high voltage.

Profession electrician