How to create a portfolio of the designer representatives of almost any creative profession is necessary portfolio, in fact it helps a prospective employer or client to assess his professionalism.Correctly composed portfolio literally "feeds" of its owner.How to create a portfolio of designer ?

No matter in what kind of a designer specializing in design (graphic design, web design, advertising design, interior design and so on. N.), It is necessary to portfolio, which will be presented to his most successful projects .Neither the customer does not want to buy a pig in a poke if he needed design services, he must be confident in his professionalism.

Let's talk about how to create a portfolio of the designer. To start, define the goals and objectives of your portfolio .Will it be used to attract direct customers or to find a permanent job?From goals and objectives will depend on the filling of your portfolio.For example, in the first case, you can pick up the work so as to show all the facets of your design talent.And in the second case it is b

etter to create a portfolio, "incarcerated" under the requirements of employers.

Portfolio designer as Portfolio photographer, need to select only the best works , that you're really proud of.Try not to choose the same type of work, not only do they not benefit, but can scare a potential customer, he may doubt your creative abilities and think that you gravitate to the solution template.

Should include a portfolio of work, are not accepted by the customer ?If they seem to be really successful you - then it is, in fact design - quite subjective sphere.What I did not like one, the other can lead to delight.

selected works for the portfolio, give them a little "lie down" and then okinte collection final look and make the last changes : you might want to add, remove or replace any work.

You can then determine the order of placement of works in portfolio : best work must be placed at the beginning and the end, so they are best remembered.Works in the portfolio structure clearly desirable (chronologically, by type of work or other clear and understandable criteria).

way, designer portfolio, you can include not only the finished work, but process of creating of a work .This will help the customer to assess the amount of work that has been carried out, and understand what he pays for.And when the customer knows exactly what goes on his hard-earned money, he left them much more readily.

What are the options portfolio design designer? There are two main groups - print and electronic portfolio .The choice of a particular group will depend on the expertise of the designer.For example, a graphic designer or industrial print portfolio is more suitable, and the web designer can not do without an electronic portfolio.In general, it is desirable to have both types of portfolio - you never know what might come in handy.

electronic portfolio is also divided into types: electronic documents and online portfolio .Portfolio as a PDF file or Power Point presentations can be sent to the customer by e-mail or use for presentation.Online portfolios can be a designer's own website, as such a portfolio can be placed on a dedicated website.

have online portfolio there are two main advantages .Firstly, in this case you are looking for customers, and they will find you (there are, of course, certain nuances - if you do not promote your website with a portfolio, it is unlikely someone will find).Secondly, the online portfolio is especially important for web designers, because they deal with animations and interactive elements, so a static portfolio (though printed, even though electronic) will not allow to fully appreciate their creations.

Portfolio designer should display his creative individuality .Do not be afraid of creative approach to the design of the portfolio, but also to go to far and not worth it: the main thing is the content, not the form.Registration should not come to the fore, overshadowing a submitted work.

well crafted designer portfolio help attract customers and earn a good reputation in professional circles , so do not neglect its creation.

How to create a portfolio of the designer