Profession vet Profession vet implies occupation associated with the treatment of animals.For the first time this term was used in 1646, but the people who treat diseases in domestic animals appeared much earlier.

in agriculture representatives of this trade is carried sanitary control of milk, meat and other animal products .Profession vet is very popular, because agriculture plays an important role in industrial activities.It is therefore very important to have a specialist who would monitor the health of the animals.

learned to vet possible veterinary academies or institutes of agriculture .As for personal qualities, the veterinarian profession requires individuals boundless love for animals , courage, ability to make quick decisions in unusual situations.In addition, there will be excessive physical force , as sometimes some animals need to hold fast during what some procedures.

Future veterinarians are studying the physiology, anatomy, microbiology and parasitology .Besides the general subjects in the cur

riculum includes private physiology, such as dogs.A separate study diseases of bees and fish.We also consider the sanitary veterinary expertise of animal feed.

Separately need to talk about the prospects of the profession.As a rule, many students while studying at the undergraduate arranged to work as orderlies or assistants for veterinary stations and clinics .This contributes to gain experience that can be helpful during a job after graduation.The pinnacle of a career as chief veterinarian is the doctor of the clinic.However, many members of the profession after accumulating enough experience open their own private clinic , which require specific efforts to find customers.

peculiarity of working with animals is that they themselves patients can not independently at its sole discretion to change doctors, or to complain about the service management clinic .Also worth noting is that the rights of these patients are not protected by law and the Hippocratic Oath.The main quality of any veterinarian should be ethics.

Veterinarians can perform not only welcome at the clinic, but also on call.It is also the responsibility of the profession includes maintaining medical records of the animal .Each veterinarian should be able to make the diagnosis, appropriate treatment and to conduct all necessary procedures.Veterinarians can take a variety of tests and also conduct laboratory tests.The representatives of the profession must be able to do vaccinations carry out operations to eliminate reproductive functions, perform the procedure for terminating the life of an animal, be skilled in obstetrics , and to monitor the recovery period after the treatment of the animal.

Veterinarians can be found in private and public clinics , at exhibitions of animals in zoos, circuses, and at agricultural enterprises .

Finally it should be noted that the profession of veterinary surgeon plays an important role in society.Representatives of the profession responsible for the quality of milk and meat, which we see every day in stores.In addition, many of us there are animals which at any time may require veterinary care.More veterinary doctors often collaborate with dog experts Zootechnics, fish farmers and livestock .

Profession vet