Occupation driver Occupation driver is one of the most common.The duties of the profession in the first place is to manage land vehicles.Drivers are also sometimes referred to as a driver.

members of the profession can be found in almost any organization, and a large company.Drivers can perform various functions that depend on the specific post.For example, there drivers couriers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, drivers, security guards, truck drivers and so on.

For drivers, usually there is no age limit.The most important thing - to have a representative of the profession was good vision and driving license of the category .Testing of drivers is a mandatory procedure, which is part of routine physicals.

To get a driver's license, you must receive training at a driving school and take the exam in the SAI .Also, there are special training courses and driving skills.For driving cars and small vans, you must be a category «B» , for the category of heavy trucks need «C» , Coach - «D» , and for trucks with heavy tra

ilers - category «E» .

Quite often, a profession driver at small firms involves owning a car.In this case, the driver will be paid to the so-called amortization cars .

Occupation driver assumes care , which is necessary for driving.

Separately should tell of truckers , control trucks to transport goods over long distances.Truckers can be individual entrepreneurs and look for their own customers or employees of the companies to be engaged in cargo transportation.

While driving truckers are operating in the radio frequency range of 27 MHz .During the communication drivers exchange information on road conditions, the prices of services and parking services.In addition, with the help of such a connection it is possible to report on the need for technical and emergency assistance.

At the end of the last century, the main danger in the work of truckers were bandit raids, the aim of which was extortion, hijacking trucks and stealing goods.Today great danger are the other drivers with low skills .Very often, these actions can cause damage to drivers' trucks and cargo transported through the creation of emergency situations on the roads.

worth mentioning one more negative point in the trucker: rising prices for fuel and spare parts, in addition, increasing taxes .Also, many truckers entrepreneurs have to work through intermediaries, who receive money directly from the owners of the cargo, and implementing transportation pay only a small part.

However, the profession of the driver includes a element of romance , that today is a great rarity.Subculture truckers most developed in Russia, Germany and North America.The representatives of this profession has even jargon , such as truckers guitar called the car radio, and deaf - trucks without radio.

As for wages, the most revenue drivers of long-distance buses and truckers , since in addition to the salary they get extra money to travel.The least among drivers drivers earn about companies working on service vehicles.

Finally it is worth to say that the profession driver will always be in demand as long as there is demand for the transportation of people and goods .

Occupation driver