E-portfolio teachers Portfolio is necessary not only to representatives of creative professions (designers, photographers and so on. F.), But also teachers.Portfolio teacher reflects his entire professional experience gained over the years of teaching.With the development of information technology is becoming more popular e-portfolio teachers .

general, the portfolio - it is a new concept for the national education.For most people it is associated exclusively with the employment or finding customers, but portfolio teacher performs several other functions .

Firstly, it allows the administration of the school to assess the level of efficiency of the work of a teacher. Portfolio useful when the teacher certification , because it is used in the procedure of expert judgments.

Secondly, portfolio is useful to the teacher .It allows you to organize all the achievements and learning materials accumulated over time.Moreover, in its portfolio the teacher can assess its evolution as a professional and to understand in which direct

ion it needs to develop further.

Initially the teacher portfolio is a simple folder with the materials.But now increasingly popular teacher acquires an electronic portfolio .It can be a presentation as a slide show, made in Power Point or any other suitable program, a personal page on the website of the teacher education institution or a separate site.

Why is it convenient to register a portfolio in electronic form? Electronic Portfolio teacher takes up much less space than a weighty folder with papers.The portfolio is much easier to make adjustments if the need arises suddenly.In addition, if you ever need someone to show him, simply send that person will file a presentation or a link to the site.

What is the structure of the portfolio of the teacher?Some single structure is not approved, we can offer you one of the most common options :

  • general information about the teacher: name and date of birth, education, experience, information about titles, degrees, honors, awards, commendations, winningcontests and so on. n .;
  • information on professional development;
  • pedagogical concept of a teacher;
  • information about students' achievements (performance, results of intermediate and final certification);
  • extracurricular student achievement in the subject (participation in competitions, conferences, competitions, performance of creative works);
  • performance of the teacher as a classroom teacher;
  • results of scientific-methodical activities;
  • participate in professional competitions;
  • methodical development of lessons and extra-curricular activities;
  • training facilities (list methodical, reference and encyclopedic literature, teaching aids, audio and video materials and related accessories).

course, this is only a rough structure, you can change it depending on what goals will fulfill your portfolio : demonstration of professional achievements, for the presentation of a new employer, ordering professional experience, and so on. N.

Electronic PortfolioTeachers should be drawn as clearly as possible .By the way, the electronic format helps to achieve this definition: where in the "paper" portfolio would have to be glued stickers, bond paper stapler or make note "see.there is something "in the electronic portfolio is enough to make a hyperlink to the relevant document.

For design electronic portfolio desirable to attract a man who understands the creation of presentations and site building: Of course, no one better than you gather materials for the portfolio, but the design of the portfolio is no less important than its content.Therefore, if you are not sure you can draw your portfolio properly, do not be afraid to ask for help: you will only benefit from this.

E-portfolio teachers