Networking: Networking Me See the "right" people can play an important role in career or business, and therefore it is important to learn how to establish such contacts.Will the so-called networking - the art of building a network of business contacts.Read more about what is networking, you will tell the Soviet Union.

Let the term "networking" is not so many years, but the the concept of "useful" dating has been around for a very long time : at all times business relationships were significant help in the business.Well, that's understandable, because to work with someone familiar is much easier and more convenient than with a "dark horse."

today to become netvorkerom, need to learn a few basic principles building a network of business acquaintances.For example, it is very important to know who, where, when and how to learn, to "hit the bull's eye."

agree, can not go to the first comer, and start dating : need at least some idea of ​​what is potentially "useful" in the business against people.Therefore, experts have iden

tified a number of networking "circles" of friends, among them is to search for suitable candidates for the construction of a network of business connections.

So, first circle of acquaintances - it's your entourage .It may be family, friends, colleagues, former classmates and classmates, fellow students, colleagues, and so on. D. It is possible in this range also include all those with whom communication is outside the scope of the main activities, such as contacts in the sports section, or in the clubhouseinterests.

next circle of acquaintances - a "friends of friends» .In this rather extensive range to include all the friends of your friends, who, even in theory, could be useful to you in the future.With such people should be possible to have a personal acquaintance, thereby increasing the chances created to expand network of business contacts.

Each time getting to know a new person, you increase the number of participants in its first round.At the same time you also get access to first circle of acquaintances this person.Your network of contacts grows and you gain more and more significant weight in the business circles close to you: in the business have always been able to appreciate the people with broad business ties.

When the answer to the question of whom make acquaintance with the networking is clear, you need to think about, where it should be read : you can not literally right off the bat to introduce the right person in the street.For example, the perfect place for the institution of "useful" acquaintances considered various professional clubs, corporate events, trainings and so on. D.

How to meet people at networking ?Usually.So, sometimes it is enough just to find a suitable pretext to engage in dialogue, sometimes you can get acquainted through a third party, and in some cases, attract the attention of the right people to help a variety of performances and presentations.

In networking, start dating, it is important to always first think you can be useful to this man , and then think about their own advantage.So networking can become a really good helper in your career growth and success in the business community.

Networking: building a network of business contacts