Portfolio Librarian Job librarian seems to many dust-free - sit yourself and to issue TIR.In fact, immediately issuing literature - this is just one of the many responsibilities of the librarian.The employees of the library, for example, carry out various activities for readers. Portfolio Librarian help systematize the experience of such events.As portfolio

teacher, librarian portfolio is not so much to find a new job, but for lessons learned .As already mentioned, the responsibility of the librarian is not only the formation and organization of the library collection and maintenance of readers, but also training and various activities: exhibitions, talks, competitions, quizzes, literary soirees, readers' conferences, and so on.. All studies for activitiesaccumulated over the years, it is possible to include in the portfolio.

Portfolio Librarian performs two important functions .Firstly, it allows the librarian to generalize and systematize the achievements and developments, assess their direction and consider further

professional growth.Second, the portfolio - a kind of personal professional portrait specialist: it presents the dynamics of its professional development and can be used when passing the next certification.

librarian Portfolio is divided into different types.So, presentation portfolio is a collection of the best works and is usually used when searching for a new job. Portfolio achievements illustrates the professional growth of the librarian in one or more areas. Case portfolio is a collection of creative works devoted to one topic.The most popular and effective option - comprehensive portfolio , combining features of these three species.

Portfolio librarian typically includes a set of documents :

  • personal information (brief autobiography, resume, information about education, professional experience, and so on. N.);
  • information about creative and research work (including scenario events, reports from events and exhibitions, speeches and publications, and so on. N.);
  • information on professional development, self-education, participation in various activities and competitions available publications;
  • copies of documents proving the professional achievements (certificates, diplomas, certificates, awards, certificates, letters of thanks, etc.);
  • reviews leaders, supervisors, colleagues and readers.

Which documents and include a portfolio of work - you decide .If your professional experience is small, you can include all or most of the work.If you are not running the first year, it makes sense to include only the best work of the past few years.However, for example, the relevant diplomas and certificates "statute of limitations" no.It is desirable that the materials included in the portfolio given the fullest possible understanding of the different forms and types of work (including new and non-traditional), also useful to include illustrative material (for example, photos).

Portfolio Librarian can be executed in a traditional (paper) and in electronic form.Traditional portfolio is a folder with documents. Electronic portfolio can be of two types: the presentation as a slide show or web site.Each type of portfolio has its advantages and disadvantages, but the electronic portfolio is becoming more popular, because it takes up less space when necessary, you can easily copy and share, and organize information in electronic form is much easier.

If your library Portfolio for certification mandatory, is find out the exact requirements for portfolio librarian.If you create a portfolio "for himself", some clear criteria for registration of a portfolio can not stick: main thing - that all information is clearly structured .Creating a portfolio, of course, it will take some time, but it will significantly facilitate the work in the future.

Portfolio Librarian