Profession Tailor Profession tailor considered one of the most ancient.She managed to remain relevant even after several centuries.Over time, changing only materials and various sewing utensils, but the essence remained the same tailors activities.

first representatives of this profession appeared in ancient Greece, in the III century BC .While tailors worked in special workshops, in addition, quite often they used slave labor.As a rule, the tailor was head-master team, and only he was engaged directly sewing products.The rest were engaged in preparatory work, such as production and cutting material.

In medieval Europe, the profession was considered a highly respected tailor .Good masters dressed kings, queens and other dignitaries.It is worth noting that the special status this profession gained in the XV century, when the notion of "fashion» .

Whatever people involved, it necessarily require the services of a tailor : health workers need gowns, military - form the actors - the costumes and so on.

When tailoring tailors, usually take into account a number of different aspects, among which the first place are practicality and aesthetic products .

To become a member of this profession, you must secondary special education , which can be obtained at the school.However, the most important thing in this craft - a practice that makes a huge part of the learning process.

As for personal qualities, the profession of tailor means perseverance, patience, the ability to focus on a specific process , the artistic taste and spatial imagination.Also play an important role coordinating movement of hands and good eyes.Moreover, a tailor each must know the structure and components of the parts of a product.Even the representatives of the profession must be able to use sewing machine and of the iron-and-press work , perform setup and adjustment of the necessary equipment and other tools.Also, do not be superfluous knowledge of mathematics, drawing, painting and the human anatomy.

should also talk about the prospects of .Initially inexperienced tailors work in large shops garment or garment factories.Later, having saved up experience, the young tailor can get in the studio and work under the guidance of the master , which is engaged in sewing exclusive clothing to order.Then, tailor a great experience and clientele can easily to open a business and work for yourself .In addition, he can hire young employees in your company, as well as managers to attract new customers.

Usually, tailors involved individual orders, perform absolutely all functions to create clothes: removal of measures, the creation of patterns, sewing, fitting and decoration of the finished product .Of course, in this case acts as a tailor and a designer dress.

Separately need to tell about medical contraindications , relating to the profession.Doing this kind of activity is not recommended for people with respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and organs of vision.

Finally it is worth to say that the profession of a tailor will be demanded at all times , as people will always need new clothes.If we consider that hardly anyone wants to wear the same coat as a neighbor, the demand for tailoring individual orders will only grow.

Profession Tailor