Teaching profession teaching profession is one of the most important, because it is the representatives of this profession gives us knowledge.The word "teacher" usually causes us association with the people working in specialized secondary or tertiary institutions.

This profession is rooted in the XII century , when a large number of elementary, middle and high schools.At first, the teachers had to endure persecution, as it was considered improper to engage in the sale of his time, while the majority engaged in the production or sale of various products.It was prestigious to work at the theological faculty.A little later came the legal, philosophical and medical faculties.

teaching profession is very popular , since every year the number of those wishing to get a good education.Today, higher education institutions are filled by students who want to build a successful career with a diploma.Of course, to learn them, teachers are required.

However, very often you can hear that, as a university professor or school teache

r abruptly changed the race of its activities and became a manager in any private company .This is not due to a very high teacher salaries.Nevertheless, there are representatives of the profession, remains committed to their work, and to get extra income, they give private lessons in the discipline, doing custom essays and term papers.

As for personal qualities, the teaching profession requires a person high resistance to stress, ability to keep the situation under control, rigor, sensitivity and kindness .A representative of the profession must be able and accessible language to transmit certain knowledge, be sociable and responsible.

teachers need to get along with students and find common language with them .Otherwise, the lesson may be disrupted.To avoid this, you need an excellent knowledge of the subject and teaching methods.

teaching profession has a lot of minuses. This occupation involves a huge amount of stress .The fact that the Group focused a lot of people with different characters.All of them will come to pass examinations, tests, some will even offer bribes.In addition, the duties of the teacher does not end after the audience, it is also necessary to spend a certain amount of time to develop seminars and workshops.

to become a teacher, you need to get higher profile education .You can then go to graduate school.As is known, duties include carrying out postgraduate studies .You can also get after graduating with a degree in a job to gain experience.Then a few years later, sitting work as a teacher in the school, you will be able to lead their students real-life examples from his practice .

How were you able to make the teaching profession plays a very important role in society.Thanks to members of the profession there is absolutely qualified employees in all areas of human activity.In addition, teachers give recommendations on independent study anything .This makes it possible in the future to engage in self-education after graduation.

Teaching profession