How to make a career? Often the word "careerist" we used in the negative sense: climber goes over the heads of his comrades, he was willing to do anything for the sake of career advancement.Yet the desire for career growth - a natural human need to recognize his abilities, skills.A look at, as a career , with some unusual terms of the proposed Land of the Soviets.

Before you make a career, it is important to think carefully, what ways it is possible to achieve the desired peaks .Today experts draw an analogy between the behavior of different types of careerists and behavior of some animals.It turns out they have a lot in common!

So, «turtles» referred to those who want to make a career slow but sure way."Turtles" does not rush forward, exposing its commitment to the promotion of show, but still with the promotion going on: a year or two these climbers are at the head in the swing, and in a few years and do sit in the leadership chair.

motto of "turtle" in his career - it's peace of mind, peace of mind and more time.Th

erefore, this type of careerists is most convenient to move in organizations where the need thoughtful analytical work without fuss.

Almost the complete opposite of the "turtle" is «horses» : careerists this type is known for its cheeky, furious pressure, boundless energy.Moving up the career ladder, "horses" helps their highest ambition, creativity.

motto "horses", "Down and Out the trouble - the beginning!".First, they take the case, and only then think what to do next.The most fortunate "horses" will work with partners, competitors or customers, so a successful career they can build in the area of ​​sales.

next type of careerists - «dragons» .About the "Dragons" say they rarely shoot, but to the point: their ideas are always timely, scrutinized and focused on success.Karerista- "dragon" can be recognized by its quality: he is cunning, cautious, patient.For one day the glory he will wait at least a year.At the same time to make a career "Dragon" because of his ability can in almost any field of activity, for them the main thing - is to choose the most appropriate moment.

Another type of careerists called "bison» .Representatives of this type always follow his idea, even if it leads to a split within the team."Bison" - true leaders, people are drawn to them.And it is not surprising if one day, "bison" may simply divert part of the workforce under its start by providing leadership choice: either dismiss it or to give it under control of the projects.

«Zubr" in building a successful career will be successful in the creative sphere of activity in the business sector.His motto: "He who is not with me is against me."

But one type of careerists who do not need to be long - it «wolf» .This and some other types of careerists owes its appearance to the stable stereotype of the cynicism and callousness of those who put their lives on the altar of career."Wolf" always act alone, he cold calculation considering all possible options for a job - is a battlefield for the first place in the "pack".

careers "wolf"? only "a single race.""Wolf" does not need the support team, and all the important and difficult decisions, he always takes only on their own.This type of careerists find a use in almost any field.

Another "painfully" familiar to all type of careerists - is «chameleon» ."Chameleon" perfectly adapt to the situation, his whole appearance showed his loyalty leadership, willingness on occasion to "accept" the change.And, often, the case is correct.

«Chameleon" can, if necessary, to flatter his superiors, it can be very tricky.However, it is not excluded that the "chameleon" in his sense of awe before the authorities completely sincere, unless, of course, he is by nature a very naive.Under favorable conditions, "chameleon" can build a career in any field.

As you can see, each of the described type have certain advantages that allow succeed his demeanor - like all other animals with whom an analogy.And in order to make a career , you can choose the most suitable for you based on the type and its advantages to build its own strategy to move up the career ladder.

How to make a career?