Occupation Secretary Occupation Secretary is a very complex and responsible.Its representatives - irreplaceable assistant, in addition, the secretary - a company's face.Many believe that this is a purely female profession, but in rare cases can be found and men occupying such a position.

I must say that this profession has its roots in the days of ancient Rome, where secretaries called trustees .When kings secretaries usually concentrated in their hands a certain power.So there were general secretary and secretary of state.At the end of the XIX century it was invented typewriters, and the profession began to take a woman's face.

The duties of the secretary has to receive visitors and record keeping company .Also, representatives of the profession are often involved in the planning of the day managers.In addition, the Registrar is responsible for telephone calls that come into the company.

more responsibilities of the profession includes organization of meetings and different techniques, order tickets and hotels for ex

ecutives and other employees of the company .It should also be noted that the Secretaries engaged in purchase of office supplies and other things that are necessary for the life of the office.

Profession secretary has a lot of positive moments.Representatives of the profession, as a rule, in the process acquire a very wide circle of acquaintances .In taking this position, you can buy experience with the representatives of various spheres .Also acquire skills in organized activities.Moreover, such work does not involve much physical stress.

However, such activities, like any other, has its drawbacks.Profession secretary often mean long working hours , because the service has to come earlier guidance, and go - later.If a company, which works secretary, small, the probability of career growth is very small.Also Secretary must always look good regardless of the circumstances .

As for personal qualities, every secretary should be sociable and friendly .In addition, communication between representatives of the profession must be sensitive and tactful.Any person, talk to the secretary on the phone, must remain a good impression of the organization and confident that the company will do everything possible to solve a particular issue.

As Secretary-General should be able to organize their time, it should be required to be punctual .Delays are considered unacceptable for members of the profession.This concerns not only the arrival time to work, but the timeliness of the preparation of various documents and reports.Also, to become Secretary, you must have a very good memory.

Today employers want to see the secretaries of higher education.More are mandatory basic knowledge of office and possession of a personal computer at the user level .

As for the prospects of this profession, the Secretary may eventually become an office manager, and in some cases - even executive director .Salary Secretary depends on his experience and qualifications.Initially, it will be a small, but as the experience gained will increase the salary.

As you could see, the profession requires the Secretary of the human large number of personal qualities, as well as a certain amount of skill.

Occupation Secretary