Title Fire Occupation fire its roots in the days of ancient Egypt, where there were professional teams, engaged in firefighting.In addition, the state fire-fighting service existed in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Augustus.

Today representatives of the profession, as a rule, the signal "Alarm" get in the car and follow to a place where there was a fire .Typically, the time since the departure of cars before arriving at the point of the accident is 5 minutes.Upon arrival to the place of fire act on the situation: engaged evacuation, deploying fire hoses and output hoses on the path of fire.After complete elimination of the fire brigade returned to the fire department.

However, the specifics of this work lies not only in the immediate fire fighting.Occupation fire means regular health check equipment and other equipment .Also, representatives of the profession systematically conduct training , not to lose skills.

As for personal qualities, the fire profession requires individuals primarily good health and having a good physical preparation .Also, a representative of the profession must be hardy, as the weight of armor fire can reach 30 kg.In addition, with this weight must be on a special pole down to the car to maneuver and move very quickly during a fire.

Each firefighter must know necessary rules for first aid, have a strong mentality and a high level of stress .The fact that the events in a fire often are unpredictable: not always possible to save all the victims, it is necessary to survive.

the responsibility of any fire includes the ability to use a variety of rescue equipment, the ability to work at a height , as well as knowledge and safety standards .

Occupation fire involves primarily risk their lives to save others .

Harness the profession recommended responsible, courageous and determined people with strong character, good co-ordination, strength of will and progress of the reaction.You can learn to fire academies MOE or in specialized fire-rescue colleges , where the main sessions are devoted to physical training and study of various equipment.

Fire can be found only in fire brigades and divisions.Career prospects for the profession are the same as the military: occupation commanding posts and growth ranks.It should also be noted that the fire can be awarded prizes for the salvation of men or excellent performance of duty.University graduates may eventually become members of the expert committees , investigative origin of fires, or fire safety experts.Given the fact that the fire brigade refer to structures, which are financed by the state, we can say that there are not high salaries.

Finally it is worth noting that firefighters often offended when they are called firefighters .The fact is that before the word was not meant fire fighters.So we called thieves committing thefts during fires and lzhepogoreltsev, pretending to be victims of the fire, to call compassion and receive financial aid.

Title Fire