Occupation dentist Occupation dentist is very popular, because absolutely everyone, sooner or later problems with teeth, which can get rid of only a qualified doctor dentist.

so-called dental doctors appeared at the beginning of the XIX century .However, in the Middle Ages it was called the dentistry and dental business was only a supplement to the main activity of the doctor.Today, dentistry is a separate area of ​​medicine.

Dentist - quite a broad concept .This can be therapist , dealing initial reception of patients.He also makes a diagnosis, and gives direction on the X-ray, treats teeth and prepares the mouth for prosthetics.There are surgeons - professionals who are responsible for carrying out operations jaw and tooth extractions.Prosthetics engaged orthopedic , but to orthodontists seek solutions to the bite.

Occupation dentist has a number of positive points.It should be noted high wages, good prospects, as well as the confidence that there will always be in need of dental care .

As for personal qual

ities, each dentist should have a very stable nervous system .In addition, the dentist should be able to gain people as patients come to the doctor, have to trust him.Becoming dentists do not recommend too emotional and impressionable people who are not ready for long-term studies.Also worth noting is that dentist should be able to concentrate and be very diligent .

Separately need to talk about the prospects of a career dentist.Most often, dentists, while formally remaining in one position, grow professionally and improve their skills .With experience in improving the quality of medical care, income and professional reputation.Simultaneously formed its own customer base .Many dentists manage to combine work in the public and private clinics, thereby growing clientele is carried out much faster.

second way is career in advancing the administrative ladder , that is, over time, an ordinary doctor may be head of the department, then deputy chief physician and chief physician of the clinic.

There is another option - scientific career .Physician may not end in residency and internship.Some go to graduate school and defended his doctoral thesis, and then start to work on a doctorate.The peak of a career in which case a professorship, head of the Department and their own schools.

Occupation dentist almost does not imply risks .It can safely be considered one of the most highly paid and stable.With the right approach and responsible dentist can secure a good future.However, it should be noted that for the profession should have the propensity to study biology and chemistry.In addition, the study will have for a long time.After graduating from higher medical and dental educational institution is an internship.Just then the doctor receives a certificate, which allows to work independently.During the years of study will develop a number of skills: be able to understand the human anatomy and physiology, to choose the right drugs , and have excellent knowledge of the structural features of the human oral cavity.

Occupation dentist