Occupation architect Occupation architect involves the design of buildings, the creation of the concept of the appearance of the buildings, and the development of interior design solutions.Simply put, the main task of architects is to design buildings that meet customer requirements.

should be noted that the profession of architect is one of the most ancient .To have survived only a few names of architects, among them Egyptian Imhotep who built the pyramid of Djoser, Hiram - the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem, and many others.

architectural profession today has several specializations : structural engineering, urban planning, urban studies, landscape architecture and interior design.Any architectural work includes creativity when creating projects, conducting special documentation, as well as the so-called supervision of construction.

As for urban development , it appeared the direction in architecture in the middle of the XX century and involves the design of entire urban areas and large multipurpose comp

lexes.At the end of the last century there was a connection with the sociology of urban development, with the result that managed to create a trend, which has been called Ā«urbanismĀ» , which included the principles of development of the city as a whole.

In turn, landscape architects doing landscaping districts of the city, as well as a breakdown of gardens and parks.Activities interior designers is to create ergonomic, functional space indoors various architectural means.

an architect is a fairly high-paying even implies recognition , because the buildings are always visible.However, in order to engage in architecture, you need creative thinking, otherwise you have to work only on the drawings, which are created by other people's ideas.However, the path from apprentice to master architect and the project will take at least ten years, so if you are looking for quick fame, suggested to find another profession.

As for personal qualities, the architectural profession will require good spatial thinking , ability to draw by hand , possession of special software package , and ability to work in a team .

should also talk about computer programs.Time is long past when the drawings were created on the drawing boards.Today, in the age of high technology, computers can be used for almost anything, including drawing and creating three-dimensional models. Occupation architect commits to ownership programs such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and 3D Studio MAX. as any architect will be useful to be able to use the programs to work with two-dimensional graphics, among which are Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Also, representatives of the profession tightly collaborate with design engineers , who are directly involved in the development of project drawings and the calculation of various designs.

Finally it is worth to say that the profession of architect is highly respected, there are even awards in the field of architecture, the most famous of which is the Pritzker Prize , the amount of which is 100 thousand US dollars.Awarded annually it since 1979.

Many joke that an architect is more responsible than the work of a doctor.The reason is that the doctor can optionally hide his mistake and blunder of the architect will remain in the limelight for decades.

Occupation architect