Profession fitter Profession mechanic involves working with metal, but unlike metallurgists and smiths, locksmith works with cold solid material.This profession for many centuries, and the years of its existence, a huge number of varieties.

word "mechanic" is derived from the German word "Schlosser" - master locksmith.It was with this activity began its development profession fitter.

Today plumbers needed in all types of repair and production , which uses large metal parts.Specialists in installation and repair of water supply communications called plumbers.Locksmith equipment - is a specialist who provides services to a variety of instrumentation and automation.Repair of motor vehicles involved in car mechanic.With regard to the manufacture of cutting tools, that are engaged in a toolmaker.Still, there are mechanics, repairmen, mechanics metallosborochnyh work, as well as generalist locksmiths.

It should be noted that the profession of a locksmith common and absolutely demand at all stages of production and operatio

n of various equipment. A representative of the profession must know :

  • safety;
  • principle of operation and the device repaired equipment;
  • appointment of the basic mechanisms and assemblies;
  • sequence of disassembly / assembly and repair units;
  • conditions for testing of various mechanisms;
  • appointment and device instrumentation;
  • simple ways of handling different parts;
  • system tolerances and landings;
  • ways to eliminate various defects that may occur during assembly or repair of equipment;
  • ways to detect wear and tear;
  • ways to restore worn parts, as well as rules for their replacement with new ones.

Each mechanic should be able to :

  • a good understanding of the drawings and diagrams that are provided in the passports of the equipment;
  • repair and testing mechanisms machines and units;
  • produce various parts processing;
  • to make the necessary arrangements for the assembly and repair;
  • identify and correct remedy defects in the operation of the equipment;
  • made to check the accuracy of the details, as well as testing under certain load refurbished units;
  • be called to repair the defective sheet.

locksmith profession also requires certain qualities, which include physical stamina, good eyesight and ability to concentrate, advanced technical thinking , as well as the necessary accuracy and responsibility.

knowledge necessary for the profession, you can get professional technical schools .Locksmiths, tend to work in factories in various industrial enterprises, construction and maintenance organizations, as well as repair shops.

With regard career prospects , the mechanic may eventually become a master of change or superintendent.It is also possible the so-called horizontal growth, representing a growth of qualification categories.

Finally it is worth noting that locksmith profession is one of the most dangerous .As a rule, injuries at work are the result of non-compliance with labor protection requirements, which happens quite often.The causes of occupational injuries are quite a few, among them there are shortcomings in the organization of production points, inadequate processes, failure to comply with hygiene standards and much more.

Profession fitter