Occupation Pastry confectioner profession involves the creation of confectionery: sweets, desserts, baking, and so on. N. As a rule, the profession can be found in high-end restaurants and bakeries.However, sometimes called confectioners people whose business is related solely to the sale of confectionery products.

history confectionery craft goes back to antiquity .Mayans once discovered the recipe for the chocolate, the people of ancient India used a cane sugar for making sweet sticks, and the ancient Egyptians made sweets from figs.Later in Europe, confectioners began to enter the number of the so-called privileged servants in the courts of royalty and nobility.

must say that confectioner profession refers to the realistic type .This means that its members have a penchant for practical work requiring the use of skill and physical strength.This work does not require communication with people, as well as the formulation and presentation of ideas.

The duties of the cook-confectioner are: preparation of different do

ughs, creams and toppings on a particular recipe, as well as baking and decorating products.

confectioner profession requires individuals availability of good taste, good smell, the taste memory and creative imagination .Pastry chef must perfectly understand the various products and possess all the necessary knowledge on the specifics of the work of the kitchen equipment.

should also emphasize the importance eye and visual-motor coordination .Quite often in the eye of the cut pieces of cake or pastry is cut out of a large reservoir.In addition, this profession requires sufficient physical stamina, as you have to work very long standing at very high temperatures, which comes from the furnace.Also, to the shortcomings of the profession need to include the threat of overweight due to the fact that we have to constantly taste certain products in order to achieve the desired result.

As for personal qualities, it is worth emphasizing orderly, well-developed taste memory and creative approach .Pastry can be learned about in college, entering the specialty "Pastry chef", "confectioner sugar confectionery" or "Technology products catering."

should also talk about the prospects of the profession.Confectioners usually start their career with small canteens, restaurants or cafes with a small clientele.However eventually acquired experience , and you can proceed to the implementation of individual orders for baking cakes and other products.Many pastry chef working in large hotels and restaurants of high level, as well as take part in international competitions.Of course, the salary of such masters are much higher than the usual cafe staff.

also be said about the social significance. confectioner profession has been and will be in demand at all times , because people love the sweet does not depend on the economic situation in the country or a particular region.For example, during the period of rising incomes grow sales of exclusive confectionery products, and in times of crisis and recession pastry products help people cope with depression, thereby also enjoys great popularity.

Occupation Pastry