Day off on account of holidays Sometimes it happens that in time we can not be present at work for personal reasons, and to make disciplinary action for absenteeism is not desirable.Is it possible in this case to ask for time off at the expense of holiday ?

begin with that labor law concept of "time off" no .There is a notion of additional rest time provided in compensation for the time that was worked overtime on weekends and non-working holiday.

If you are recycled or come to work on my day off, you can use this compensation in the day when you can not go to work .But you can not use it "in advance": not to go to work today, and to work off later on.Compensate only processing has already happened.

Note that such additional days off are not paid , since there are two kinds of compensation for overtime worked, either payment or the provision of additional rest time, but not both at once compensation.

So, it turns out, take a day off on account of holidays is impossible?The method has only a absenteeism will not be considered a

day off, and unplanned vacation .The essence remains the same: you do not go out to work, and this day is deducted from the total duration of your holiday.This is possible thanks to the fact that paid annual leave can be split into parts.Of course, it works if you have not yet used all their vacation this year.

So, you need to write application for annual paid leave of one calendar day (or as many days as you need on a day off).The employer will issue an order granting leave and make changes in the schedule of holidays, because this kind of vacation is unplanned.Vacation pay is calculated in the same way as for the main holiday, vacation, too, shall be paid as usual during holidays.

We should not forget that in the division of the holiday on one of the pieces should be no less than fourteen calendar days .That is, roughly speaking, it is impossible to divide the entire vacation on the small "time off": once a year, you will be required to take leave at least two weeks.Keep this in mind and do not abuse the short vacation.

If the primary was done on vacation you have, you may want to take the time off instead of leave without pay (unpaid leave ).You write an application for leave without pay, indicating the reason and the employer on the basis thereof shall issue an order granting leave.Or do not publish.

catch is that decision to grant leave of absence the employer takes : he decides whether or not a good enough reason why you want to take unpaid leave.So in this case only on your relationship with your employer depends on whether you get your day off or not.However, in exceptional cases (birth, marriage registration, death of a close relative) this vacation you are obliged to provide.

So, briefly summarize all of the above.Take a day off on account of holidays is impossible, because no such thing as a "day off" in the labor laws there, and the phrase "in respect of holiday" does not comply with labor legislation .If you must, for whatever reason, be absent from work one or more days, you arrange a vacation - or take part of the annual holiday with pay, or arrange the unpaid leave.Segmenting holiday in part or period of leave without pay are determined by agreement between the employee and the employer.

Day off on account of holidays