How to become an artist Artist - a person engaged in drawing illustrations for magazines, books, cards, and websites.That is why the profession is often referred to as illustrators.In this article we will tell, how to become an artist .

course, to engage in activities of this kind, you need to know the basics of drawing : composition, color theory, perspective, and so on.To begin, draw 5 to 10 drawings on a variety of topics. ideas can be found on the Internet, magazines and books .It is also important to objectively evaluate their work.Yourself to do it will be difficult.Yet it is desirable that an assessment is not given to friends and relatives who may have praise for fear of offending.Therefore, the work can be put anywhere on the Internet.

to become an artist, you must master various techniques of drawing .It is best to use any one approach to design creation, because in the future, customers will expect you to something specific.

Illustrations can be done not only in pencil.You can also use colored paper, ink, waterc

olor.In addition, each of contemporary illustrator is necessary possession of a high-level computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Of course, nobody forbids to use mixed techniques and combine drawings on paper with computer processing .At the initial stage it is recommended to try his hand in all techniques, to determine which of them are really yours.

When creating drawings not want to copy reality .To accomplish this, there is the camera.All artists have an opportunity to simplify, detail and emphasize certain parts.I agree that it would be much more interesting to look at the work of the artist, who has left the canvas prints of their hands, rather than on the picture, which is no different from the pictures.

In order to become an artist, you must learn to accept criticism.You will always get comments about their work. When you are giving negative comments, be grateful for them , after all the negative reviews will make you stronger as a person, as well as expand your views.In any event, stop in the development is not necessary.And the need to develop not only in terms of drawing.Explore the world in which you live. Read books, learn the facts about the history, see the feature and documentary films, get a photo .Over time, you realize that everything in this world is interconnected.

Plenty communicate with people .This applies not only to relatives and friends.Be sure to make new friends.Communication itself makes us a variety of emotions, which can be used in the work.

As for search clients, for this you need to create a portfolio.It may be in print and in electronic form.Portfolio is necessary to ensure that potential clients and employers can determine for yourself your professional level.Today there are a large number of sites for job search, with which you can search for customers.In addition, can spread the work blog or personal page in social networks.Thus a large number of people can learn about your activities.

Finally it is worth to talk about the personal qualities that need to cultivate to become an artist.We are talking about perseverance, patience, ability to concentrate and take criticism .

As for the schools in which you can acquire a profession, then these include schools and universities of culture and arts, where there are special "fine and decorative arts."

How to become an artist