Occupation carpenter Profession carpenter covers quite a large range of activities.Its members are directly involved in the preparation of timber for use, as well as the construction and assembly of various wooden products.

joinery is one of the most ancient .Some frescoes found on the territory of ancient Egypt, you can find images of carpenters.

Profession carpenter requires the presence of a man of great physical strength, endurance and agility .The main condition for high productivity of these workers is a fast hand-eye reaction.Every carpenter must have a good eye, as well as a high level of concentration.Also, do not be superfluous the spatial imagination, the development of technical thinking , and the ability to distribute their efforts in the processing of different materials.

For professional functions of the profession refers vytachivanie of wood products, manufacturing of furniture, baseboards, windows, stairs and other structures .In addition, the carpenters manually perform sawing and planing unlined ba

rs.Also carpenters engaged gluing different parts and preparing wood glue.Even the representatives of the profession themselves perform sharpening carpentry tools.

Profession Carpenter assumes ownership of a huge number of tools , such as workbench, a jigsaw, a mallet, a plane, a hand saw, chisel, miter box, an ax, a milling machine, a hammer, a file, and many others.

is also worth noting that for every carpenter plays an important role safety standards .As a rule, carpenters work in special clothes and, if necessary, they put personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, glasses and so on).School-age children are taught carpentry only under the guidance of an experienced teacher.It uses only simple carpentry tools.As for the various tape and disk tools, the children are to them during class is not permitted.

Ignoring the safety regulations can lead to the emergence of occupational diseases carpenters.Typically, this may be respiratory diseases (asthma, lung cancer, cancer of the nasal cavity), injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and injuries of the extremities.In addition, the carpenters working mainly on the machines over time can be observed a significant decrease in hearing.

for independent performing various joinery allowed persons 18 years of age who are appropriately qualified. learned about the carpenter can in vocational technical schools, enrolling in the appropriate specialty .

Career in the profession associated with the level of professionalism and the ability to use a particular hardware .In this sphere of activity is possible the so-called "vertical" growth: the carpenter can gradually move from performing work operations to the management staff and guide the work of teams of carpenters.As for the "horizontal" growth, many carpenters are trying to expand the range of its activities, acquiring new expertise.

Finally it is worth noting that the profession of carpenter demand in organizations associated with the construction and agriculture .Also, members of the profession can be found in the repair shops of factories, housing and construction offices, wood processing enterprises and private enterprises.

Occupation carpenter