Occupation Bayer Today profession Bayer is one of the most sought after.Representatives of the profession engaged in the completion of collection of boutiques and fashion stores.Bayer considered respected professionals in the fashion industry.

Fashion - this is a business.So little to do, and show on the catwalk beautiful thing.It still needs to sell .Such activities are carried out buyers who are guided by the needs of customers in the selection of collections for sale.The representatives of the profession must understand whether to sell a particular model of clothes, because unsold collection will lead to loss of the store.

work very hard and Bayer assumes the risk not buy what you need.The professionalism of the profession depends on intuition and knowledge of the tastes of potential buyers.

Bayer - is not just a commodity expert dealing with the selection of the range of products for the store, it is also stylist who has to evaluate the clothing as a work of art .Representatives of the profession can deal wit

h the selection of clothing, not only for the elite but for a wide range of buyers.

large stores in the state may not be one but several buyers.For example, first may engage in buying men's clothes, the second - the female, the third - the sports, and the fourth - the exclusive .

When entering the shop new clothes or shoes Bayer is obliged to advise sellers: explain how to assemble things and how to competently offer customer goods .

Occupation Bayer has a number of positive aspects, among which it is worth noting able to travel and interact with well-known creative people : designers, artists and designers.

By cons include risk and long working hours .In addition, the buyers almost no time to rest, as soon as one season ends, the next begins immediately.

To become Bayer, need some experience in the boutiques or large clothing stores.Also, you need follow everything that happens in the fashion industry, attend demonstrations, to take part in the show-rooms, working with designers .Occupation Bayer requires the presence of a man of good taste.Also, do not be superfluous knowledge of foreign languages, as such activity involves frequent travel.

learn at Bayer in modern higher education is impossible.Perfectly suited education that develops the sense of composition, proportion, harmony, and gives an idea about the design , for example, art.In addition, the important role played by knowledge in economics and marketing.By the personal qualities that are required of the profession, is attributed initiative, responsibility, communication skills, stress, creativity and punctuality.

As for wages, it is usually, Beyer is the owners of boutiques and shops , so the earnings of the profession depends on the ability to sell clothes.If Bayer will be able to successfully bring and sell one or another collection, it will be able to obtain a large enough profit.

As you could see, profession Bayer is very heavy and requires certain skills a person .Many large companies are looking for experienced professionals who are well versed in the clothing, footwear, as well as customer preferences.

Occupation Bayer