How to create a resume with no work experience seeking their first job - no easy task, because most employers want candidates with experience and where to take it to someone who yesterday was a student?However, properly written resume can help you compensate for a lack of experience and make a candidate more attractive in the eyes of the employer. Create resume without experience?

Even if you never officially worked in the specialty, this does not mean that you do not have any experience.At the undergraduate university students usually do practical work - mention this in the summary. is also included in the summary of all sorts of internships, a one-time and temporary work, volunteer activities - unless, of course, it is directly related to your specialty.Well, if you manage to earn some money while studying, say, a laboratory assistant in the department - this will be a plus on your resume.

If you are applying for a position of creative character, which requires a portfolio can include the work done by you as a freelancer (if any), as well as wor

k done free of charge.Can you do a site for a friend engaged hendmeydom?Or write an article in the university newspaper?Only not need to "fill" a portfolio of work for the amount of , pick the ones that you can really be proud that the most profitable show your talent.

But what if the column "experience" still looks like something empty?To create a resume with no work experience that will attract the attention of an employer, you need to compensate for the lack of experience or lack of other virtues. It can be personal qualities, academic achievement, and so on. N. can also be included in the summary of information about the end of all sorts of courses relevant vacancy you are applying for, if you did not include it in the section of "Education".

information on charters, prizes, awards, won the competition, participation in conferences and other kinds of advances usually paid to the caption "Additional Information."However, again, no need to make here is absolutely all the information about the awards; mention only those who truly are an adequate alternative to the professional experience .If you, for example, applying for a position of sales manager, is unlikely HR'a interested in your victory dance contest.

With personal qualities, too, it is better not to go to far. Emphasis is desirable to make an easy learning, the desire to develop a willingness to work hard and a lot .Lack of experience is often compensated by the zeal and desire to get this experience.By the way, some companies prefer to train staff from scratch, so to speak, "by itself" than to retrain those who have come from other companies.Maybe this is your chance.

Another important point.HR'y rejected many candidates with no work experience is not so much due to lack of experience as such, but because of the fact that it is combined with their high expectations .Former students are unlikely to immediately offer high-paying and prestigious post: have to start small and gradually move to the top.So be humble and Moderate appetite, do not specify in the resume transcendental level of salary.

If your goal - just to find work, and employment in the specialty you are fundamentally, it makes sense to create two resumes .One resume will be "enchanted" by the search for work in their specialty, and the second you will use to search for jobs where experience is not crucial.

So, to write a resume with no work experience, you need to think about what you can compensate for the lack have professional experience , and make all this in the summary.Then carefully re-read summaries and delete from it all superfluous information which does not apply to the selected job.

And most importantly - not be afraid to try to send resume to interesting job , even if the requirements of the experience.In the worst case, you simply ignore - not that this tragedy.What if you're lucky, and your resume is still someone interested?If you do not send it, so that you never know.So go ahead - sooner or later you will probably get lucky!

How to create a resume with no work experience