Profession painter Occupation painter associated with the color of buildings, equipment, and various interior items.Representatives of the profession can be found in construction companies and housing offices.

history of this profession goes back to antiquity, when mankind first began to paint subjects.As you know, on the remains of structures of civilizations of the Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese were found painted wall elements.However mention of malaria as a profession related to the XIX century .The fact that up to that time there was no production of finished inks.

Occupation painter is very significant in a society , as it was the painters breathe life into the gray buildings and objects, betraying their aesthetic appearance.It is hard to imagine a modern building covered with a gray plaster, wood handrails on stairs in black-stained hands and vessels covered with rust. paint is necessary not only to decorate the surface, it is still able to protect the material from corrosion and destruction .If vehicles, pipes and metal roofs are not painted, they are only a few years would come into disrepair.

advantage of this profession is that it is absolutely necessary painters throughout the world, as the buildings are painted everywhere .In addition, this craft can be fast enough to learn.

However, this type of activity is a disadvantage. Malaria accounts for working with paints and solvents that just a few years may bring any person to asthma .

should be noted that the profession of a house painter has a number of medical contraindications .It is not necessary to become painters people with chronic respiratory diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis), cardiovascular system (heart failure, hypertension), digestive system (liver disease).In addition, the person should be all right with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, and there should be no problems with the nervous system (obsessive-compulsive disorder, fainting) and skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis).

learned about malaria can in vocational technical schools, enrolling in the appropriate specialty .In addition, there may be parallel to learn to be a plasterer, tiler, and so on.As a rule, many graduates of these schools receive several construction specialties.However, it is worth noting that in many organizations to painting works and allow people without special education.

separately necessary to tell about the tools that have to hold each painter.Of course, the first tool of the profession is brush .Brushes can vary in size and shape.Typically used for painting works Brush of horsehair or special bristles.

paint roller used members of the profession to paint in the large square.Roller is able to absorb significantly more ink than paint brush, so this tool is able to cover a much larger area of ​​the paint surface.Also painters often use sprays , also known as atomizers.

How were you able to make the profession of a painter is quite common. This kind of activity often involves heavy physical labor , since many painters have to work at high altitude in painting buildings.

Profession painter