How to present weaknesses of the character in the summary? Each applicant wants his resume to a potential employer has made the most favorable impression.However, in standard summary taken to indicate not only their strengths but also their weaknesses.How to present weaknesses of character in the summary , HR not to put you on the cross before the interview?

Generally, if you make your CV yourself, in any form, you do not specify the nature of the weaknesses in the summary : focus on education, professional experience and skills, and talk about the qualities of the character already at the interview if he would hear the case.But if you fill out a standardized form resume online job search or in a particular company, by filling-in box on the shortcomings you likely can not escape.

main difficulty in presenting their shortcomings in the summary is that «writing pen do not cut down with an ax» .If the interview can give evasive-diplomatic response to a question about your weaknesses, then resume this focus is not a ride.So we have to very carefully think about

what to write in this part of your resume.

The biggest mistake you can do - is to put in the "weaknesses" dash.Ideal people do not, so empty space in this part of the CV will allow recruiters to conclude your inadequately inflated self-esteem .But to describe all their shortcomings in detail is not necessary: ​​hardly excessive frankness bordering on self-flagellation, will appreciate.

is worth remembering that not all side of nature are definitely weak or strong : that one for a representative of the profession will be considered as advantage, to be representative of another drawback.For example, for people whose work is related to communication, interpersonal skills would be a plus.But if the vacancy you are applying for requires painstaking and focused work, communication skills may seem like a disadvantage to the employer: what if instead of working, you will communicate with your colleagues?

So, making a list of weaknesses of character, proceed from the position for which applying .Try to select those who, on the one hand, related to your profession (because otherwise the employer will be on them neither hot nor cold), and on the other - will not interfere with efficient operation.

Sometimes advised to present their merits as the disadvantages , as weaknesses of character pointing workaholism, a heightened sense of responsibility, perfectionism, and so on. N. With some recruiters is working, but note that the reception is old and well known, so that your cunningand can see through.So use it at your own risk.

Remember, please identify your weaknesses in the summary often caused not by a desire to really learn about your weaknesses, but rather the desire appreciate your honesty, self-criticism and value .So do not lie: the truth still will come up during the interview if not, then on probation.

Try include those weaknesses of character, over which you can work (and, of course, enter into a resume or in your cover letter that you are willing to work on them).Many employers appreciate the opportunity to "educate" a worker under him, so frank in answering the question about weaknesses and a willingness to improve will be appreciated.

So, if you have not specifically asked to be mentioned in the summary of your weaknesses, it is not necessary to do so on their own initiative.If the description of the weaknesses of character can not get away, Be honest, but do not go too far : you need to write the truth, but no one says that we should completely write the truth, and even in the details.

How to present weaknesses of the character in the summary?