How to become a trader Trader - is a trader on the stock exchange, which is engaged in the purchase and sale of securities and currencies, earning the difference in rates.In this article we will tell, how to become a trader .

Anyone who has engaged in such activities must have an analytical mind, good intuition, calmness and the ability to quickly take certain decisions .In order to become a trader, you must decide what exactly you want to be: professional traders and work in banks, investment funds, think tanks or Internet traders who are required to work a computer connected to the Internet.

Become a dealer on the internet exchange can be absolutely anyone .The main thing - the ability to such activities.It does not interfere with the economic education.However, if it is not, should not get upset.Today, in the vast World Wide Web, you can find a huge number of books on trading.You can still apply to any brokerage or dealing center, where there are special courses for beginners.

Before you enter into a real foot protecti

on and to invest, be sure to start practice by taking part in a virtual trade .If you will be prepared to enter into successful deals, you can open a real account.However, to start the real deal best with small amounts.The fact that only at this stage will present study.Only due to losses and enhancement of their money you can gain invaluable experience in trading of this kind.

to as often as possible to stay in the black, you will have to use a number of existing policies or develop their own .The whole process of working on the stock exchange (your actions, the behavior of the market) is recommended to record.This is true not only of successful transactions, but also failed.For these records is best to have a separate notebook.After some time, these records will be useful to most expensive textbooks.

In order to become a professional trader and get a job in a bank, you need to degree in "economics" or "Finance and Credit» .While studying at university, specialization should give preference to "securities", "stock market" or "stock exchanges".

After graduating from high school soon become a trader will fail due to lack of experience. first time have to work as an assistant analyst or assistant trader .You can also get in the investment adviser or broker company.Just a couple of years you will have enough experience and skills to take the post of trader.

Finally it is worth noting that such activities have recently become very popular. lot of intellectual development and literate people at least once tried out as a trader .Of course, to trade on the stock wounds prestigious, interesting and very profitable.However, as in every case, in order to become a trader, you need a serious preparation and a profound knowledge in the field of finance.

young traders need to develop a so-called "market sentiment» , tried a lot of tactics and techniques of trade, as well as repeatedly disassemble their own mistakes to avoid them in the future.Of course, to make more money in the stock markets, will have to invest more, and afford it in the initial stages will be impossible.

How to become a trader