Games for corporate parties for New Year Corporate - it is an event which brings together the employees of one company or firm.Such events are usually devoted to some holiday, for example the New Year.In this article we will discuss what are the games corporate party on New Year's, able to decorate a pastime.

It should be noted that any corporate party are quite specific event .The fact that it will meet colleagues - people are not strangers, but the best of friends to call them difficult.Therefore, in order to defuse the situation and bring together a little present, it is possible to play a game, or to hold a contest.

Of course, every game would require the availability of certain props , which will need to take care in advance.Here are some examples of games for corporate events.


game is simple enough, but it would require the organizer to prepare.As props need set of rings .Of course, no one would have to run to the shops and look for toys suitable rings, because they can simply do it yourself.Take thick cardboard and cut the

refrom ring whose diameter should be about 30 centimeters, and the diameter of the hole - about 20 centimeters.It will take about 10 rings to be glued together to get one.

As for the game itself, then at the far end of the office or hall need to arrange a variety of drinks bottles .And this must be done in a way that is closer to the players were cheap drinks, such as beer, mineral water and Coca-Cola, and then - wine, vodka and brandy.In long distance you can place a bottle of expensive whiskey.

The rules are simple: one, who gets the ring on the bottle from a distance, takes it as a prize.

most accurate banker

For this competition will require serious preparation.However, games for corporate parties of this kind will help managers identify, employee who has a good visual memory .

Take a large sheet of drawing paper , also need to print currency notes of various countries (you can use these).Let it be the Russian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnia, the euro, the US dollar, the Thai baht and others.It is advisable to use a large number of bills with less dignity.All the notes you need to paste a piece of paper in a chaotic manner.

During the game list is displayed in turn each player for a short time during which each participant must count, as a currency is on the sheet .Who will call the numbers more accurately - and that winner.

Cat in the bag

This game is a auction , in which the leader, armed with a hammer improvised shows the public auctions, wrapped in opaque paper.The auctioneer should in every way to praise items present, but did not call it.

After paying the winner gets lot.At the same time with all the leading packaging reveals, present to see what got me the winner .It can be as useful and expensive item and any bauble.It all depends on the imagination of the organizers of the event and budget.

most resourceful

The purpose of this competition - to determine, someone in the team is the most resourceful .This game requires some preparation, as advance to invent and write down a few critical situations, such as "your pet is spoiled important documents ',' you've spent all public money," and so on.

members should offer a way out of a situation that carries the most minimal damage .Those who give the most original answer, wins a prize - a bottle of brandy.

in this article are not all existing competitions and games for corporate events.You can also play with colleagues mafia, charades or birpong .

Games for corporate parties for New Year