Corporate style ... to corporate New Year was not boring template "obyazalovke" need to show imagination in the preparation of the festive program.Standard party in the office or restaurant is no surprise.In recent years, gaining popularity themed corporate events.Why do not you organize a corporate style Oscars or the beach party?

holding thematic corporate party can be trusted to a special agency specializing in the organization of such events, but to save money and teambuilding useful to do their own planning, corporate parties. First you need to choose a theme corporate party, which will support the majority of employees (unlikely to come up with a theme that will satisfy absolutely everyone).

Then you need to make a list of what you need for a thematic corporate parties and assign responsibilities : someone will be responsible for writing the script, someone - for the decoration of the room, someone - for the holiday table.Naturally, you should not forget to choose the leader.A corresponding category of corporate

New Year costume let everyone do for himself.

Thematic corporate events can be divided into several large groups:

  • corporate style of the film or the book ("Pirates of the Caribbean", "Alice in Wonderland", "Magicians");
  • corporate-style country-specific and / or a period ("Hipsters", "Chicago 30's", "Pioneer");
  • corporate style of any events ("Oscars");
  • corporative game (quests, detectives).

Of course, no one requires you to exactly match the era, country or artwork: the main thing - to create an atmosphere , you do not do historical reconstruction.

We have offered ideas for New Year's themed parties and corporate events, let's add a few more ideas piggy bank.If you want glamor and glitz, but the idea of ​​a casino seems bored, casino can be replaced by a cabaret .Review for inspiration "Moulin Rouge" (a sad end, so be it, you can run through) and get to planning.

Corporate party in the style of "Moulin Rouge» - This dress is made of shiny fabrics, stylish tuxedos and bow ties, sparkling jewelry and long gloves, fine cigar and cigarette holders, stockings and suspenders, a fan and a feather boa, and French chansonfrivolous cancan.Ask colleagues at the New Year corporate parties demonstrate their talents in the best traditions of the theater;cancan dance does not necessarily - juggling tangerines also come down.

If your theater staff is too conservative, arrange pioneer party .The costume is very simple - white top, black bottom, red tie, and forage cap.The office is decorated with posters with the slogans of the Soviet and Soviet Christmas card on the table - a variety of dishes made from potatoes ("Ah, potatoes, delicious, Pioneers ideal"), herring under a fur coat and a salad.

Instead of toast, you can simply say "Be prepared!" To colleagues in unison responded "Always ready!".Contests also from Pioneer repertoire : peeling potatoes for speed, tug of war, folding the newspaper hats race.

If you love adventure with colleagues and adventure, but "Pirate" or "gangster" corporate you do not like, you can arrange corporate style of the Wild West .Decorate the room in the style of a saloon cowboy or an Indian wigwam (well, you can divide it into two halves, one of which will be a saloon, and the second - tepee that no one was hurt).

divided into two teams - cowboys and Indians .Each participant will have to come up with not only the costume, but the cowboy or Native American nickname him right in character.Let each team chooses its captain - the sheriff and leader respectively.After that, a competition for accuracy, strength, agility.Of course, the competition will be winners and losers, but it is better to complete an evening truce between Indians and cowboys.

In general, no matter what kind of New Year corporate theme you choose, importantly - a good time and enjoy themselves heartily !

Corporate style ...