Renault Logan Renault Logan - Romanian new sedan for the french brand has a new interior and a more expressive appearance.

Renault Logan - B-class sedan, made with the year 2008.This machine comes with petrol and diesel engines in volume from 1.4 to 1.6 liters Transmission - 5-speed manual.Wheel drive - front.

new design

New Renault Logan submitted in the second phase, endowed more expressive lines .The radiator grille has become stylistically less complicated than in the first phase, but much more elegant.

Lower cutout in the front bumper for cooling the radiator is wider.So the reception managed to give the visual front end similarities with sports cars .

Exterior mirrors in the second phase have become wider.Now they are the same as in the Logan MCV.Review a better, respectively safety and ease of evolutions and reversing.

trunk lid has acquired a somewhat different form.Vertical wall became smooth, and the upper edge had a small vyshtampovki a spoiler.


Renault Logan is notable for the fact
that in addition to successful interior solutions in terms of ergonomics and space, in the second phase focuses on improving the quality of assembly , anticorrosion treatment, welds, paint and interior finishing materials.

Now the steering wheel more modern form, and the instrument console is made in a single block.Reduced number of joints rubbing faces, which means fewer squeaks in the cabin.Plastic is made of modern technologies , it is durable, thermostable and most importantly - safe.

luggage compartment has a record for its class (Class sedans) in the amount of 510 liters .This is a third or even a two times greater than some classmates.It is noteworthy that this volume can be achieved without sacrificing the cabin!But it is the merit of engineers and designers Renault, and not designers.


Salon Renault Logan still impresses with its inner space .Due to the impressive size of the cabin, passengers can travel in a perfect comfort at all times.

huge trunk of 510 liters and a variety of Storage compartments in the passenger compartment in handy for traveling families, sports and trips for the weekend.


Comfort Renault Logan sedan - is primarily suspension !The spine and neck will not hurt, after hours of travel on not the best roads.

Logan had become famous for his ability not to be afraid "speed bumps", tram rails overgrown tree roots and coats when traveling to a picnic or a summer residence.

Renault Logan lets you smoothly move not only on rough roads, but also in high-speed mode, both on direct and on bends.It obslovleno first high-skill engineering experts in the field of suspension Renault.Inside, all thoughtfully and concisely.

Renault Logan Simple shapes, clean lines dashboard.The concept is the driver's seat ergonomics and providing a perfect view.All controls are within easy reach.

keys are large, marking the dashboard .. easily perceived, in general, to find out you do not need a meticulous study of the instructions!

Logan is offered in four versions : Base, Ambience, Prestige, Laureate.They differ in the level of equipment, assembly, upholstery, elements of internal and external decoration.

Safety Vehicle safety is not measured only by the number of airbags, electronic systems and stars EuroNCUP.Safety - is primarily competent body structure , no traumatic elements, high-quality metal, the deformation zone and Program, special reinforcements.

ABS Have a good support for the preservation of control during hard braking.The manufacturer has taken care of as brake discs and calipers, a heat-resistant alloys and "wisely" laid brake and fuel lines between the intricacies of the hot and spinning units of the car.

Renault Logan

Specifications Renault Logan

General information
Model Renault Logan 1.4 Renault Logan 1.6 Renault Logan 1.6 16V
Year 2004 ... 2004 ... 2009 ...
Body Sedan Sedan Sedan
Number of doors / seats 4/5 4/5 4/5
curb weight, 975 kilograms 980 ---
Gross vehicle weight, kg 1535 1540 ---
maximum speed, km / h 162 175 180
Acceleration from a standstill to 100 km / h, with 13,0 11,5 10,5
turning radius, m 53 5,3 5,3
Trunk volume min / max, L 510 510 510
Size mm
length 4250 4250 4250
width 1742 1742 1742
height 1525 1525 1525
wheelbase 2630 2630 2630
Track front / rear 1466/1456 1466/1456 1466/1456
Clearance --- --- ---
type gasoline with fuel injection gasoline with fuel injection gasoline with fuel injection
Location front cross front cross front cross
Displacement, cu.See 1390 1598 1598
Compression 9,5 9,5 9,8
Number of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row
Bore x stroke mm 79,5 x 70,0 79,5 x 80,5 79,5 x 80,5
Number of valves 8 8 16
Power hp/ rpm 75/5500 90/5500 102/5750
Maximum torque Nm / rpm 112/3000 128/3000 145/3750
type Manual 5-speed Manual 5-speed Manual 5-speed
Drive to the front wheels front-wheel front-wheel
Front Type McPherson Type McPherson Type McPherson
back Semi, Semi spring, spring Semi, spring
tire size 165 /80 R14 185/65 R15 185/65 R15
Front Disk Disk Disk
Rear Drum Drum Drum
Fuel Consumption Standards 93/116 / EEC, l / 100 km
Urban cycle 9,2 10,0 9,4
Country Cycle 55 5,8 5,8
combined cycle 6,8 7,3 7,1
Fuel Gasoline A-92 Gasoline A-92 Gasoline A-92
Fuel tank capacity, l 50 50 50