How to reduce the power consumption of laptop At the time of battery life affects not only the battery capacity but also the power consumption of the system, which is influenced by several factors: the hardware features of the computer used software solutions, as well as the status and configuration of the system.

best to take into account the features of the hardware at the time you purchased your computer.If battery life is critical when choosing a laptop you should pay attention to the device economical and ultra-low CPU.Budget configuration based on Intel Celeron help save money, but do not give the possibility to extend the battery life.

economical laptop should have a sufficient amount of RAM - then the computer will not constantly refer to the hard disk for the swap file.

additional increase efficiency enables selection of the optimal operating system.Today, the greatest battery life demonstrate mobile computers running running Windows 7. According to informal tests, the new operating system from Microsoft * able to extend the time between

charges for 20-30 minutes.compared to previous versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista *.In any case, to reduce energy consumption recommended to install the latest updates.

Another small but important step in the struggle to increase energy efficiency - regular defragmentation of your hard drive.This procedure is repeated at least once in 2-3 months, not only to speed up the system, but also save battery power by optimizing the operation of the hard drive.