How to extend the battery life of laptop techniques to save battery power the laptop while working.
  1. After disconnecting from the mains need to make sure to choose the appropriate power scheme.
  2. is important to observe the temperature: the notebook must be on a hard, flat surface to ensure access of air to the vents.
  3. significant contribution to the energy saving making off devices that are not currently in use (such as a LAN adapter or Bluetooth).
  4. recommends that the minimum brightness of the display and the volume of the sound.
  5. should unload the TSRs, disable indexing drives and other similar processes taking place in the background.
  6. necessary to avoid the use of an optical drive, do not install a new application, and not run multiple applications simultaneously.
  7. If you want to take a break in the work, it is recommended for use during short breaks off the display.At average intervals (10-15 minutes), you should use mode "sleep" or "Standby".At intervals of 20 minutes duration.and better use hibernation mode.