What to do if your computer will not turn on? computer does not turn on.Often under this formulation may hide very different breakdowns and malfunctions.So before you begin to repair the computer, which is not included, it is important to identify the cause of failure.

normal procedure turn on the computer is standard for any operating system.This procedure consists of several steps, one of which, and there is a malfunction.

Start the computer starts with the inclusion in the supply chain.For the power supply to all computer chip responsible PSU (BP).And if you press the power button on the system unit does not turn on the computer, the first PD is carefully checked.As much as it may sound funny, but first you need to check whether the power supply is connected to the network.There are times when people do not notice that the power supply of the computer is disconnected from the wall outlet or power strip, forget to switch on the power supply switch to "ON".

If the power supply is connected properly , but the computer does not need to examine

the "internal" system unit.The measured voltage on some components of the system is given the power supply even when the laptop is not working, but simply plugged in.This "duty" voltage that may be necessary to turn the computer on a local network, for example.Therefore, check whether the power supply is OK, you can check whether the voltage.The test is performed using the tester.Some modern motherboards are equipped with special LED that indicates the presence of voltage from the power supply.

After pressing the power button on the power supply is applied, "working" power and after 0.5-1 seconds when the power supply control circuit outputs signal to the motherboard through the Power Good, that means plenty of power.If this does not happen, then there may be several reasons: faulty or not connected the power button or the power adapter is not enough for the system or the power supply is defective.

Check whether there is enough power by disconnecting optical drives, hard drives and video card, and then try again to start the computer.If your computer has Award BIOS, in the case of a breakdown of the PSU, PC speaker will beep continuously.

If BP is normal, then after pressing the power button, you can hear the noise of the fan starters (all) and the characteristic hum untwisted spindle drives.

Each power supply is equipped with system short-circuit protection .This system automatically switches off the power supply short-circuit.Therefore, you should check this version, in turn disabling peripheral devices, which can cause a short circuit.

Finally, make sure the power supply failure is possible, if set to a known-good system and a more powerful unit.If a replacement block system normally included, the question is, who is "the culprit" of your problems do not occur.

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