Differences from the notebook netbook For most users, a laptop and a netbook - the same thing, except that the netbook a bit smaller.In fact, these different portable devices and functions. What is the difference from the laptop netbook?

main difference from notebook netbook - at destination .The netbook is designed primarily to work on the Internet (hence the syllable "no" in the device name), and office applications.The notebook is in its functionality often does not yield a stationary PC, differing from it only in compactness.Accordingly, the performance of the netbook will be lower - for Internet surfing, reading books and typing special resources are needed.

difference resource notebook and netbook due to different "stuffing."Therefore, unlike a laptop on a netbook - in processor and memory .The processors in netbooks are not as powerful as in laptops, but they consume less power - it is important for such a compact device.The capacity of hard drives, which are equipped with netbooks, is also smaller.Many netbooks instead of tradit
ional hard drives are equipped with SSD drives , which are closer to the flash memory as hard drives.These drives are usually have a lower capacity.But they have a lower energy consumption, less susceptible to vibration and quieter and faster than hard disk drives.The amount of random access memory (RAM) in a netbook rarely exceeds 1 GB, whereas a modern laptop is not enough.

Due to the difference in the performance of the following differences from the laptop netbook - is suitable for the device operating system .In modern laptop you can install almost any operating system - even Windows, though Linux, just to have the necessary drivers.For example, my laptop, released over two years ago, works fine with Windows 7 Ultimate, almost complaining about the lack of resources.On the netbook due to lower performance puts the "cut-down" version of the operating system, often they are called - Netbook Edition .Many owners prefer to install on netbooks which operating system Linux, as this operating system is less demanding on resources.

Of course, the most obvious and visible to the naked eye, unlike a laptop on a netbook - it size .The standard size of a laptop - 15.4 inches diagonally, while the netbook diagonal - 9.7 inches.This makes the notebook more compact and lighter, but inconvenient, for example, to view the video.Because of the small size of netbook keys are smaller and closer, so to gain large amounts of text on it is not so easy.Present on the laptop keyboard function keys in netbooks as they are not due to lack of space.Due to the smaller size of netbooks often not drive for reading optical disks, so the information on it can be transferred only with the stick or buying external DVD-ROM drive with USB-interface .

Speaking of external interfaces.A set of connectors in netbooks rather austere, there are only the most necessary: ​​a few of USB-ports, LAN port, audio jacks for microphone and headphone, card reader and a VGA connector for an external monitor.In a good laptop can additionally be present connectors ExpressCard or PC-card for connecting external devices and modules, digital audio output and a connector FireWire (camcorder connected to it).There is also often a laptop, you can connect an external hard disk high-speed connector eSATA.DVI and HDMI outputs laptops are used to transmit high-definition digital video.So unlike a laptop on a netbook even in presence or absence of certain connectors .

Therefore extend the functionality of a netbook is almost unreal - lacks not only the external interfaces and free slots in the device.Unlike a laptop on a netbook that a laptop can be upgraded by connecting additional modules via external connections (such as an external sound card or TV tuner card) or in the internal slots (for an extra strip of RAM in a laptop is usually no problem).

difference from the laptop and netbook still price .Netbooks often cheaper laptops.Although, if we compare the budget laptop with minimal functionality and a notebook equipped with a hard drive, so even with an exclusive design, the latter would be expensive.But this is the exception rather than the rule.

Now that you know the difference between a netbook from the laptop, you can choose device that is necessary for you .You need a netbook if you intend to wear the device with you and use it for surfing the Internet, reading books, viewing photos and work with office applications.But the netbook is not suitable for image processing and even more so - the video-intensive games and applications.Therefore, for these purposes it is better to buy a laptop.In addition, the long run will not work for a netbook: it is too small for continuous operation is more suitable laptop.

Differences from the notebook netbook