How to select the hard disk? Hard disk or hard drive - a ROM device for permanent storage on the computer.The quality of the hard disk depends on the safety of your data.When HDD failure to recover information from it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible.Therefore, the choice of the hard disk should be approached very carefully.Here are some guidelines for choosing the hard disk.

Features hard drive

capacity. capacity - a parameter that determines how much information can fit on your hard drive.The capacity of modern hard drives is measured in gigabytes, or even terabytes.The higher the capacity, the more data can "climb" on the hard drive.Modern hard drives have a greater capacity: 500-700 GB or even several terabytes.

rotation speed. This parameter affects the speed of reading data and writing data to the hard disk.It is measured in revolutions per minute.The higher the rotational speed of the hard disk, the higher the speed of reading and writing data.Nowadays, the most common speed equal to 7200, 5400 and 4500 rpm

(rev / min).

interface connection. Connection interface defines a way to connect the hard drive to the motherboard.Who it is considered a standard interface SATA (Serial ATA), which is an enhanced version of old on day Interface ATA (AT Attachment for Disk Drives - Interface for connecting disk drives for computers PC AT), also known as IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics - drive with integrated controller).The data transfer rate from the motherboard to the hard drive interface to connect up to SATA.

amount of cache memory. This parameter determines the amount of buffer memory hard drive.During normal operation, little effect on the performance of the hard disk, but the recording of data from one hard disk to another, can play a significant role in the recording speed.Most modern hard drives cache size is 8, 16 or 32 MB.Hard disks with large memory cache more expensive.

choosing a hard drive for your computer, always first determine for what purpose you get it.If you plan to store large amounts of information on your computer, install a host of modern games that require a lot of space, you buy a hard drive with a huge capacity is not necessary.Also, if your computer is designed to work in the office or at home, do not chase high speed and cache size, usually in this mode of operation all the benefits of such high performance unobtrusive.