How to choose a printer? printer - a device used to print text and various image.It will be useful in the office to print various important documents, and the house - for printing different pictures, photos, recipes, or song lyrics ... How to choose a printer?

Printers, despite the increasing popularity of MFPs (MFPs), are still in great demand.After all, a device designed to perform a single task, it will always carry a much higher quality than the one in which a similar problem - only one of many.

choosing a printer, you should, first of all, to decide: what kind of information you need to print .After all, the possibility of different printers in relation to print text and graphics, photos or high-quality printing on various media are different.Thus, if most often want to print, for example, text documents, it is possible to restrict an inexpensive model, without the possibility of color printing.

Another important parameter - the so-called format printer.It is determined by the maximum size of the paper for which pr

inting is possible.Traditionally grading is carried out in accordance with international paper sizes A0 (very large format) to A6 (the smallest).A4 - the most common in offices and at home.Its dimensions - 210 * 297 mm.Less commonly used A3 (297 * 420).

When selecting the printer should also pay attention to the possibility of color printing .Color printing is indispensable if you want to print the images and presentations, color photos.

From print quality depends on how sharp the image will be printed on the document.We estimate this parameter in the number of dots per inch - more than them, the higher the print quality.For text enough resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi), and here for the pictures to be at least 1200 dpi.

Print speed may also play an important role when choosing a printer.Print speed is generally measured in pages per minute (pages per minute - ppm).When printing black and white or color documents speeds may vary.High-speed printers are needed mainly for office work, where it is necessary to print documents and often in large volumes.

For pictures or drawings as important is the ability of the printer to print borderless.If the printer is not acquired for the average home PC, the great importance when selecting a suitable model may have the presence of special port for connecting to a PC: USB, LPT, LAN, WI-FI, SCSI.

Besides the cost of the printer when choosing a model, it is important to take into account the cost of consumables: paper, ink or toner cartridges, etc.After all, if the supplies are very expensive and need to constantly print in large volumes, the cost of printing each individual page increases.

most popular currently used inkjet and laser printers, at least you can find the matrix.What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these technologies?

Matrix Printers , despite the fact that they are considered obsolete, and to this day have been used successfully for financial institutions, accountants, industrial premises.In matrix printers, an image is formed using small printing needles which, striking the ink ribbon is left in the right places on the paper smaller dots.

The advantages of dot matrix printers include the very low cost of consumables.The drawbacks of this type of printers have more.They print slow, noisy, only black / white (but there are exceptions - four-color dot matrix printers).At the same time the price of dot matrix printers by no means be called symbolic.

Inkjet printers are the most common in home use, they are often used in offices.The principle of inkjet printers print is applied to the paper liquid ink, which form an image.Ink is applied by means of special nozzles.

Among the advantages of inkjet printers: both color and b / w printing, print quality, print speed is satisfactory (10-40 ppm), low noise.The prices for jet printers middle class is quite acceptable, even printers with "photo-quality" print are more expensive.

Supplies for inkjet printers are quite expensive, so for large volumes of printing to use them unprofitable.In addition, if the printer for a long time (more than 1-2 weeks) is not printed, the print head nozzles may dry ink residue.Purification of the residue from the nozzle leads to additional waste ink.

Laser printers found his calling in office printing.Special powder - toner - is served on a magnetic drum and adheres to the heated paper in the right place.

The advantages of laser printers include high speed and print quality, low noise, low cost of consumables.

Deficiencies in laser printers is not very much.Firstly, it is, of course, is still very high cost compared with other types of printers.Mostly monochrome laser printers.Colored models are also very expensive and rarely used for everyday work of nonspecific.

When using laser printers should be remembered that the toner spray is harmful to health, so you need to regularly ventilate the room in which the printers are installed.

How to choose a printer? How to choose a printer?