How to apply thermal grease Grease or conductive paste , is applied between the processor and cooling it cooler.Providing better heat transfer, it allows you to efficiently cool the processor.Owning a computer is useful to know, how to apply thermal grease own.

How does the thermal paste? fact that the CPU and the heat sink body adjoin one another tightly by not perfectly flat surface.Therefore therebetween may be air, because of which the heat transfer from the processor falls by 15-20%.By filling this gap, thermal grease to better cool the processor due to its high thermal conductivity.

thermal grease can be purchased at a computer store (but not in any store you can find it) or on the radio.It is inexpensive, and given that a matchbox thermal grease may be enough for 60 processors, application of thermal paste will cost you a mere pittance.Choosing thermal grease, look at indicators such as thermal conductivity. thermal conductivity of thermal paste is measured in watts per meter multiplied by Kelvin (W / m * K).In the mos

t common types of thermal paste, the figure is 0.7-0.8, but some brands may be up to 2.

Some thermal paste contain fine powders of metals that help conduct heat better.However thermal grease based on metal can cause contact closure if it carelessly applied.By density thermal compound can judge the ease of use: the thicker thermal grease, the harder it will be applied.Pay attention to the issue of thermal paste form .If you are going to apply thermal paste for the first time, select the thermal paste in a tube (syringe) - will make it easier dosage and application of thermal paste.

good thermal grease must have the lowest thermal resistance (respectively, the highest thermal conductivity), maintain their properties over time in a wide temperature range (-40 to 200 ° C) does not change the texture, easy to apply and easy to wash off.

So, to apply thermal grease , you will need proper thermal paste, soft cloth, screwdriver and ... toilet paper.I'm not kidding.The fact that the application of thermal paste is almost impossible not to get dirty, and wipe your hands on the best thermal paste is toilet paper.

Before you apply thermal paste, prepare workplace .Ideally, it should be a smooth, well-lit desk.Meals need to turn off your computer (do not doubt that you know it, but it's better say all the details).Then, from the system unit disconnects the entire periphery, the side panel removed, and it is placed on its side on the table.The cooler the processor is disconnected from the power supply and removed from the processor.

removing the cooler, clean it from the residues of the old thermal paste , if any, with a soft cloth.Some owners of the computers cleaned and polished surface of the processor to the cooler denser adjacent to it, but it is better not to do it if you are unsure of the result - you can remain without a processor.Now you can apply thermal grease.

layer of thermal paste should be very thin , the distance between the pad and the processor cooler was minimal.Too thick a layer will conduct heat poorly, and the CPU starts to overheat due to insufficient cooling.Thermal grease may be applied in various ways.Manufacturers recommend flatten thermopaste with a piece of plastic, however, with this method no thermal grease can accumulate on the surface of the processor and on plastics.Therefore, thermal grease may be applied to the second method, forcing a small portion of the syringe of thermal grease on the contact surface of the processor.When you install the cooler, thermal grease is distributed evenly.Make sure that the thermal grease does not go beyond the pad and does not impinge on the motherboard.

After confirming the optimal thickness of the layer of thermal paste (it would have to do in the eye), install the cooler on the CPU with thermal paste applied, fix it carefully (in coolers of different manufacturers may have different system mounts) and connect it to the power supply.Assemble the system unit and the computer again can be used.

Apply thermal grease is necessary when replacing the CPU or the cooler, dry the old thermal paste, buying a new processor without pre-applied thermal paste or once every couple of years for prevention. If you are not confident that you can apply thermal grease on their own, without causing damage to your computer, it is best to consult a specialist.

How to apply thermal grease