How to clean the monitor? Sooner or later, we are faced with the problem of dirty monitor.Dust, fingerprints greasy finger food residues - which just will not find on our screens.How to care for the monitor?What and how to clean it?Let's try to find out.

to clean the monitor screen in any case can not use alcohol or alcohol-based products - a special anti-glare screen coating will wear under their influence.Powdered detergents also do not fit (if at all can come to someone in the head), because they are highly scratch the surface of the screen.

most suitable for the care of the monitor screen are the special wipes, gels, aerosols.Napkins should be soft, lint-free, so as not to leave any traces, gels and aerosols - without alcohol.Sales have been impregnated with a cleaning composition of towels - they simply wipe the surface.The gel is pre-applied to dry tissue.

If such funds to care for the monitor at hand was not, then can use the means at hand .Capacity with warm clear water and a container of soapy water and a few soft

lint-free cloths (rags) - and once again clean your monitor.

Before starting all procedures necessary to disconnect the monitor! If CRT-monitor, then turn it off should not be less than 2 hours before cleaning.

first screen light, careful movements rubbed lightly (!) With a damp cloth, then - a cloth soaked in soapy water and wrung out.Then the screen again wiped clean with a damp cloth.The possibility of divorce is better to wipe before they dry.

If the monitor is just a little dusty, then wipe it with soapy water is not necessary.

best means of combating stains and dust on the monitor - is prevention. Do not block air vents on the back of the monitor.You can not fill these holes with water (who knows what!) - This can cause damage to the monitor.

To protect the monitor from oily stains, just do not poke it with your fingers, food, and other fat.Wipe dust monitor regularly - at least 1 time per month.First, the accumulation of dust hazardous to health - because dust we inhale many harmful substances and microorganisms.And, secondly, dust "collects" static electricity.

Separately should mention on the prevention of pollution monitor notebook .Even if you do not poke a finger at the screen, you still traces of them left on the keyboard, get on the screen when you close the lid.How to avoid this?You can put a thin, soft cloth (lint-free) under the screen - then the key will not come into contact with him.

How to clean the monitor?