How to choose a webcam? once able to communicate with someone "live" in spite of the thousands and thousands of kilometers of distance seemed fantastic.Thanks to webcams fiction became reality.Now, even if they are on different continents, people can communicate, just looking into each other's eyes.

Without webcam hard to imagine a modern Internet and communication.Video Conferencing, "live" broadcast from around the world, astrography - these and many other features give their owners a webcam.It remains only to choose the one that will meet your specific needs.

choosing the webcam, you must define the purpose of the purchase.Do I need a camera for home or conference communication with Skype?Will I have the ability to record sound, face tracking function?How much is the value of the quality of the transmitted image?

Consider the basic parameters of webcams.

Matrix webcams differ in production technology.Today, two popular ones - CMOS and CCD.Preferred CCD, to because they give better image, create less noise.Are the CC

D more than the matrix CMOS.

Resolution webcam - one of the most important criteria for its selection.Resolution is defined by the number of dots-pixels that make up an image.The more points, and they are smaller than - the higher the quality of the transmitted image.

resolution of the webcam can be in the range of 0.1 to 2 megapixels (MP).To conduct online conferences quite webcam with a resolution of 320x240 pixels.To record a small video camera with suitable resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 megapixels).Higher resolution of 1280x960 pixels, allows you to make large-scale photographs.The camera models with resolutions - the most expensive.

Another important parameter of webcams - is their sensitivity matrices .The sensitivity of the matrix determines the minimum required to capture light.Sensitivity is measured in lux (lux).The lower the value of this parameter in the suites, the better will be shooting in low light conditions.

number of frames per second (fps) - important factor that determines the speed of the recording webcam.If the speed is not high enough, it turns out intermittent stream video, "retarded."Due to technical limitations that are imposed servers, most often used in the speed of 15 frames / second.Also popular webcams with a write speed of 30 frames / second.

choosing a webcam, we should not forget the type of connection to the computer it .Modern web cams are usually connected by means of interface USB.Version USB 1.1 - to date an old, was replaced by a high-speed version - USB 2.0.

Auto camera to focus, tracking of a person, microphone equipment - all of these options are also important when choosing a web camera.If they are supposed to operate the camera will not be useful, there is no need to overpay for their presence.

Camera layout and type of its attachment to the computer selected exclusively from the preferences of the buyer.Round, square, on a stand or attached to the monitor - the choice is.

How to choose a webcam?