How to choose a keyboard? matter how advanced and "advanced" may be modern personal computers without input devices - is not necessary.The keyboard falls into such devices. How to choose a keyboard?

Computer keyboard has not changed since its invention.However, now it can perform more various functions.Keyboards, besides the standard keys, now contain more and multimedia - keys that allow the keyboard to run a variety of applications, to perform various operations with media files.

So, proceed to the choice of keyboard.What is important to consider?First, the choice of a particular model keyboard affects the range of tasks for which it is intended.Keyboard, containing only standard keys (letters, numeric keypad, function F1-F12, etc.), - the "simple", but and the most inexpensive.This keyboard is ideal for most common tasks: typing, Internet, etc.

Multimedia Keyboard , as mentioned above, makes it easier to work with various multimedia applications, because it contains a button control the sound, for example, or the button

"scroll" video files.Are these more expensive than standard keyboards.

Gaming (gamer) keyboard optimized for running games.These keyboards can contain useful keys for gamers, and even a small screen on which to display useful information.

following factors influencing the choice of the keyboard - is its technical parameters.For example, the mechanism of the keyboard keys.There are three main types of mechanism of keys:

  • membrane
  • mechanical
  • Semimechanical

Action membrane keyboards based on the closure of the two membranes when keys are pressed.Return key is due to the rubber dome.This design protects the keyboard contacts spilled coffee, for example, because they are all from the interior of a special plastic film.

In Semimechanical keyboards used more durable metal contacts than in the membrane.Return key is also carried out using a rubber dome.

Mechanical keyboard least protected from contact with the circuit spills or dust.Return key occurs therein due to the action of a spring.The advantage of mechanical keyboards is their durability.

Directly important for the user may not be the mechanism of keys and a tactile keyboard settings, such as stiffness and key stroke.

Rigidity keyboard determined by the force with which you need to press the button for firing.The optimum value of 55 g.If the keyboard is too tough, then typing on her uncomfortable - too much has to put pressure on the keys.A too soft keyboard provokes set of extra characters, even when light pressure on the keys.

For many users, it is also important the presence of the so-called keyboard click - clicks when you press the keys.This convenient click when typing as accurately feel keystroke.

interface connection to a computer keyboard - is another important parameter.The standard port for keyboard - PS / 2.It is used as the interface USB.For some users would be a useful special wireless keyboard.

ergonomic keyboard is also important in terms of ease of use.The so-called ergonomic keyboards provide the same standard set of keys as usual, but they are made with the maximum comfort for typing.This problem is very urgent, because the people who gain large amounts of text, often suffer from diseases of the hands - from their inconvenient location.

How to choose a keyboard?