How to care for your computer? computer - is not only expensive, but also "fragile" device.Computer chips are very sensitive to mechanical stress, require compliance with certain temperature, not "like" the moisture and dust.To ensure that your computer is to serve you faithfully for many years, do not forget to take care of him .

competent care of the computer begins with choice of place for him .The computer is extremely undesirable to put near a heat source (battery, fireplaces, etc.), in a damp room.The base for a computer must be solid and stable.The room in which the computer should be regularly aired and clean.

How to care for your computer? One of the main requirements of the proper care of your computer - regular cleaning.The fact that the computer - it's a real "dust collector".Thanks to the "friendly" the cooler (on the CPU, power supply, video card) air flow "absorbed" into the body.A together with the flow of air in the system unit and dust penetrates, because it is almost always present in the air.

dust settles on the components of the system unit.Than it threatens?By itself, the computer dust is not harmful, but the static electricity that is generated by friction of dust on the metal contacts of chips, can cause substantial damage.Therefore dust must be regularly clean .

is most easily done with a vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a special nozzle, but you can do without the nozzle, the main thing - be careful and do everything carefully.

To start cleaning dust , accumulated in the computer, it is necessary only when the computer is completely powered down.For greater security, you can remove static electricity, holding the hand of the unpainted part of the radiators, for example.It is better not to work on cleaning the computer in a synthetic clothes.

outer housing can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth, then wipe dry.To harvest the "guts" of the computer, open the cover.Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the cover to the end of the top and bottom.The cover should be pulled back slightly against the housing and remove.At this stage, you can vacuum the ventilation grille cover.

When the cover is removed, you can begin vacuuming CPU cooler, motherboard and other places where dust.The main rule - do not touch the nozzle to the workpiece surface, otherwise you may accidentally knock over tiny pins.When cleaning dust from the cooler is important not to give them to spin, holding their fingers.If

have experience installing and removing computer "iron" in the connectors, the necessary parts can be removed for cleaning, and then put in place.This is especially true for the video card, which is inconvenient to the cooler "chosen" when the card is inserted.

In PSU accumulates especially a lot of dust.When cleaning a computer is carried out regularly, it is enough to vacuum the PSU without breaking it.However, if the last time cleaning was carried out quite a while, then use a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the cover of the PSU, and then remove the cover itself.After the dust has been removed, back cover.

clean computer can only collect, returning all the details fall into place and closed it with a lid.

How to care for your computer?