Cooler Noise: what to do? you come home, turn on the computer as usual ... and heard the noise when running cooler .No detail just to make noise will not be - then something happened.

If noise cooler - he probably or dust, or broken (blabbed bearings, dry lubricant).Noise can be cooler on the CPU cooler on the power supply, the cooler on the housing or the cooler on the video card.

First try vacuum the cooler to clean it from dust.If after that the cooler noise - it should be lubricated.For lubrication of the cooler is typically used used motor oil, grease or butter hour for sewing machines.Usually not advised to use petroleum jelly to lubricate the cooler and automotive engine oils.

There are two ways to grease noisy cooler: removing it and releasing.If you do not want to or are afraid to take a cooler, take a syringe with a fine needle and fill it with lubricating oil (oil should be slightly).Pierce the needle cooler sticker and plastic plug, which is located beneath it (you will have to make an effort for this).Keep

the oil out of the syringe under the cap and remove the syringe.Everything!At the opening of the needle are advised to drop a little synthetic adhesive that oil does not leak.

If the cooler in such a way to grease comes out, unscrew it and remove the sticker.Clean dust from the cooler (do not forget the space between the housing and the propeller) and drip a few drops of engine oil.Can you put the cooler back.

When working with a cooler power supply unit, be careful! elements BP are high voltage, so before cleaning and lubrication of the cooler must be disconnected from the power supply cord.

If noise cooler on the processor, in addition to the lubrication can help replace the thermal paste.The fact that the noise occurs when the cooler is loosely fitted to the processor.Replacing the thermal paste will remove the gap between the cooler and processor, and noise should be reduced.

If after this your cooler does not become easier - the problem can be wear .The most common bearing failure cooler.In this case, will only urgent replacement of the cooler - preferably in a more modern and quiet.Ignore the problem is impossible.If the cooler fails, the other elements of the computer will start to cool, and then you may have to change is not a cooler, and a video card or motherboard.

Most modern coolers are controlled by software.If any detail of the computer heats up more than usual, the cooler runs at high speed.When the cooler noise for this reason (you know, that it is OK) - try to look for the problem in another part. artificially lower the fan speed is not recommended , this can lead to overheating.

If noise cooler notubuka , it is likely also to blame for the above reasons.Thus, the "cure" will be standard - lubrication, cleaning or replacement of the cooler.The difference is that it is not necessary to disassemble the laptop yourself, if you are not sure that you can build it back.It is better to entrust the solution of problems with the cooler specialist.

Cooler Noise: what to do?