How to choose a TV tuner for your computer? TV / FM tuners allow you to view on a computer transmission of TV and radio.With the TV tuner on your computer at any time to watch your favorite show or a talk show, a football match or news of the day. How to choose a TV tuner for your computer?

TV tuner - a special device that allows you to receive a television signal (analog or digital) and play it on the computer screen of the user. Virtually all modern TV tuners and receivers equipped with FM-radio.

to choose a TV tuner, you should familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of these devices.Primarily, different TV tuners for receiving television signal standards.So, in terms of domestic reality TV conducted in several standards :

  • air and cable broadcasting analog - SECAM (Soviet standard), PAL (European standard);
  • terrestrial digital broadcasting - DVB-T (European standard);
  • cable digital TV - DVB-C (European standard);
  • satellite digital broadcasting - DVB-S (European standard).

Therefore, to select a TV tuner for

your computer , you must decide which signal - analog or digital - will take the TV tuner.There are models of tuners that support only one type of signal, and there are also hybrid models that support both types of signal.

By way of connecting to a computer TV tuners are divided into internal and external. Internal TV tuners installed in one of the connectors of the motherboard: PCI or PCI-E.PCI-E slot is not available on older motherboards, so suitable for older computers with TV tuners connected to the PCI-connector.

External TV tuners often connected to a computer via USB-interface , also a model, connected via PCMCIA-interface.Such models are useful for laptops, which typically do not have space for an extra internal card.External TV tuners are more expensive than domestic, but their main characteristics are virtually identical.

There is a separate group of external TV tuner that can be connected directly to the monitor. Select TV tuner in this group is convenient for watching television without the inclusion of their own computers.So you can turn an ordinary TV monitor.Connected to the monitor TV tuners do not possess such ample opportunities as TV tuners that connect directly to the computer.

TV tuners during involve resources of a PC, so important this unit is compatible with the computer's operating system .Most TV tuner is compatible with Windows and supports only a small part of Mac OS or Linux.

to choose a TV tuner, you should also pay attention to some additional parameters. Often besides watching TV programs on the computer, the user will also need to record or broadcast of make "snapshots" (screenshots).Depending on the needs of various additional functions, you can select a TV tuner to a suitable set of features.

Remote Control , who are often sets of advanced TV tuner, allows you to turn your computer into a complete TV.And with the help of special software control a TV tuner, you can turn your computer into a remote control: play discs, run applications and so on. D.

How to choose a TV tuner for your computer?