How to install the scanner Scanner is a special device that is designed to convert images into digital format.The process of operation of the device is called the scanning and can be used in many fields of human activity.In this article we will explain, how to install the scanner .Today

production of such devices has been a huge number of companies from South-East Asia, the US and Japan.Most models of scanners, usually, compatible with the operating system Microsoft Windows .

should be noted that the scanner can be set in two ways: connect the device directly to a computer or server , through which the scanner will use multiple users.The latter method is most often used in offices where there is no need to equip every workstation with such a device, and much more profitable to buy a scanner for a few employees.

first look at how to set the scanner to a PC or laptop.It takes the most ordinary USB-cable , which is usually included with the device.However, if it is not complete, such a cable can be purchased at any store compl

etely computer equipment.One end of the USB-cable is required to connect to the special connector on the scanner, which is located on the rear panel and the other end - to the appropriate connector on the computer.Now you can turn on the scanner.You may need to wait a few seconds until the operating system will automatically detect it.In

if Windows was unable to determine a new device, you will need to install the drivers .The CD with the necessary software is usually supplied with the scanner.However, if there is no need to visit the official website of the manufacturer, where the driver of the issued and models are available for free download in the special section.Once downloaded, install the driver on the computer or the laptop and try to re-connect your device.

As has been said, it may be necessary to install the scanner, using the server.First of all, using the USB-cable to connect the device to a computer that acts as a server.Now on this computer, enter the menu «Start» and select «Control Panel» , click on the point where «Network» .You will see a menu where you should select «Center Network and Sharing Center» .This will bring up a list of commands from which to choose «View network computers and devices» .Next you will see a special window where the list of scanners need to select the desired model of the device.

The next dialog box that appears, click «Set» , then automatically starts the installation wizard.Clearly follow the instructions, and at the end of the installation, click «Finish» .Now the scanner is connected, and can be used by transmitting data on the network.

How did you make sure to install the scanner and connect it to a computer or server, you do not need any additional knowledge and skills.Suffice it to follow a certain order action , including taking care of the presence of the necessary software for the proper operation of the new device.

Finally it is worth only draw attention to the fact that some scanners may not be connected to USB-port, and the so-called LPT ports or SCSI , which need a special connector cables.In addition, not all scanners to supply enough USB-cable, and many models before installing be connected to an electrical outlet using the power cord .

How to install the scanner