What to choose: a laptop or desktop PC? Desktop PC (PC) today is able to solve many complex problems of a high speed.But a fully equipped PC takes a lot of space and movement from one place to another is associated with certain difficulties.

That is why there was a need in a portable computer that can be carried easily in your hands and use it anywhere.So our life includes laptops , subnotebooks , netbooks, etc.Laptops have a small size and weight, battery powered, equipped with adapter for wireless networks - all you need for a comfortable mobile computing experience.

What to choose: a laptop or desktop PC?

By and large it's best to have two computers: a desktop and for applications requiring high performance and portable, for the operational work anywhere, anytime.But in practice often have to choose one thing, because the financial capacity is not always possible to buy two computers at once.

Compared with desktop PC laptop has some valuable advantages :

  • small size and weight;
  • ability to work offline for a few hours;
  • there is no need to connect external devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor);
  • opportunity to work with wireless networks (WiFi-adapter).

These benefits allow you to use a laptop, where the desktop PC will not work, such as on a plane or train, on vacation or at the cottage, at a cafe or hotel, etc.Modern laptops are quite productive and can even be used for 3D-modeling and quality processing of digital photos, video and audio files.But

laptop compared to a desktop PC with the same capacity will cost considerably more expensive , because the laptop design features require special components.

Due to the small dimensions of the notebook to accessories to satisfy more stringent requirements for heat dissipation, size.The notebook uses special mobile versions of processors , often installed embedded video and quite small amounts of RAM and non-volatile memory.This also makes it difficult to repair or upgrading a laptop.

Desktop will not take to the road , it will not work without a network connection and need to connect peripherals.But large, compared with a laptop dimensions allow to place inside the computer accessories high: graphics adapter (or even one), sound card, memory, one or more hard drives, etc.

Desktop will cost less , than a notebook with the same capacity.This is due to the lower cost of components, as well as lower, compared to the laptop, the requirements for assembly and repair PCs.The desktop is easy enough to replace obsolete or broken parts, it does not affect other parts of the PC.

Another advantage compared to a PC with a laptop - possibility of self-configuration .Laptop for sale in an already assembled - you can not change any characteristics.Desktop can be assembled yourself or ordered assembly in the workshop according to the selected configuration.

and desktop PC and laptop has its pluses and minuses.The choice of device must be determined, first of all tasks set before a computer.So, the notebook is hardly suitable for the role of a game station or home theater, but for operational work with documents or surfing the Internet while away from home or office, it is indispensable.

What to choose: a laptop or desktop PC?