How to connect a second hard drive Many PC users are acutely feel the lack of memory on your computer.Some take off information on various storage devices, and others decide to connect an additional hard drive.In order not to call the master or not to go with the system unit to the service center, many decide to connect the second hard yourself.And here is where the problems begin.Land of the Soviets tell, how to connect a second hard drive to your computer .

can not only connect a new hard drive, but also hard from any other computer .The algorithm will work in both cases the same.But not everyone knows just how to connect the second hard disk to the computer to recognize it right away.For many it is not that right, so these people go to the store or service center, arguing that the second does not work hard.And in fact, as it turns out, the computer simply does not see the hard drive.And there are reasons for this.

Before you connect a hard drive, it is necessary to find out in what way you want to do .Some computers are equipped wi

th so-called "pocket" (it can be installed in the service center, after asking about it, or manual assembly of the computer).In order to connect the second hard disk to all other computers have had to climb into the middle of the chassis.The point of connection at least to the "pocket", although the usual way - the same.The second hard disk is connected to the circuit, and the computer will recognize it as the built-in drive E or F.

So now should tell that many people forget to do before you connect a hard - to rearrange the jumper .Jumper - a bridge, which is located on the contacts of the hard drive.What is the jumper?

Jumpers are used to indicate the hard drives themselves, which of them will work in master mode (Master), and what - the slave (Slave) .The operating system is always loaded into a leading Hardy.This means that when you connect a second hard drive to Slave mode OS is loaded with it will not.All hard drives, which are equipped with computers, worth mode Master.Therefore, all further plug hard drives should work in a Slave.That is what many PC users and do not reflect and connect a second hard drive, which also operates in Master.

So by putting the jumper to Slave mode on a connected hard drive, connect it to a cable inside the system unit .If you have a pocket, the connection takes place outside.Now you can simply boot the computer.It should automatically detect a second hard drive.To be safe when the computer go in BIOS (for different OS is the key F2 or Delete).In the "Download» (Boot), select the correct options for each of the drives.To do this, plug the hard mode Second Boot Device.

addition modes Master and Slave, the jumpers can be put in the position of Cable Select .To connect the hard drive in this mode, you need a Y-loop.Central connection of the loop is connected to the motherboard.The last loop connectors are connected to the drives.These connectors are unequal, t. E. One drive automatically becomes a major, the second - a slave.This information point on the cable connector.It should warn you that using such a cable, the two hard disks should be put in Mode Cable Select.

where to set jumpers to set a particular mode, details written on the label on the hard drive .Also, this same information is available on one of the sides of the connector that simplifies the search for the necessary contacts to which it is necessary to put the jumper.The above described connection

additional hard drive is used for IDE-drives.There are also SATA-ROM. In this case you need a special cable to connect the drive to the motherboard .To one terminal can be connected only to one device.If you use the computer at the same time IDE and SATA drives, check in the BIOS, to assign the main disk from which the computer will be booted.

Connect additional hard drive may seem complicated only in words.In practice, everything happens very quickly.We hope that now you know how to connect a hard drive to your computer.

How to connect a second hard drive