How to choose an e-book? Technological progress does not stand still, and manufacturers of various electronic devices delight consumers with new and new "devaysa."There was even an alternative to the usual paper books - e-book.Land of the Soviets tell, how to choose an e-book .

eBook (Electronic Book, eBook, e-Book) - an electronic device for reading electronic texts in a variety of formats.But why buy a separate device, if you can read the test monitor laptop or netbook?The main advantage of e-books - is a special screen.In the manufacture of the majority of the screen e-book technology is used E-Ink (electronic ink).This screen is similar to plain paper, almost tired eyes and reduces power consumption.

So, how to choose an e-book?There are several selection criteria, but the most important, of course, is display .Reading e-books should be comfortable, which means that the display should be large enough to fit on it at least one full paragraph of text or even better - a whole page.It is therefore very important to pay at

tention to diagonal and resolution .The minimum acceptable parameters - the diagonal of 5.6 inches and a resolution 320h460 pixels.Most modern e-books have a diagonal of 6 inches or more and 600x800 pixels resolution.

In addition to these characteristics, it is important to pay attention to the type of display . E-Ink displays , which we have already mentioned above, different low power consumption and less strain on the eyes.But with such displays is almost impossible to read in low light, moreover, they do not support video reproduction. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) are rich in color, equipped with lighting, can play video and colorful illustrations.But such displays create an increased load on the eyes, and the battery life is less a book than a book with paper-like display.If you decide

eBook note memory - it determines the number of books that you can download to your device.Built-in memory is usually enough to get at least 100 books with illustrations or 500 - no.If you want to download more books or going while reading listening to music (some books support playback format MP3), you will have to select an e-book with card slot .Most modern "e-readers" have memory card slots for SD or micro SD up to 16 GB.

Go ahead.A very important criterion for selecting the e-book - is it supported file formats.Minimum "gentlemen's setĀ» supported e-book formats - is TXT, RTF, HTML, FB2.A "reading room" further recognizes the format DOC, CHM, DJVU, EPUB, TCR, PRC, and also know how to extract files from zip-archives.Be prepared for the fact that you may have difficulty with reading PDF files - after all, this format is not suitable for reading, so none of the e-book will not be able to open any PDF file is completely free of errors.

Also text formats, most e-books recognize the image format JPEG (this is true for books with illustrations), and some models can be "familiar" with other formats of pictures - for example, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF.

Some books reproduce the format of MP3 .Why do it?Firstly, some people prefer not to read in silence, and with musical accompaniment.Second, you can play on a "reader" audiobook.If you decide to choose an e-book, reproducing MP3, you need to pay attention to the presence of built-in speakers, but if you need it to play audio books - and then easily navigate through audio files.

addition, when selecting e-book is worth paying attention to :

  • battery life
  • presence of Wi-Fi module for Internet
  • convenient location of the navigation buttons
  • a protective cover
  • the backlight;Models of light - the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast
  • background color of the screen
  • angle
  • the touchscreen (touch screen)
  • presence of anti-reflective coating
  • weight and size of the book
  • ability to change the battery
  • presence of Russian interface
  • price

Now you know how to choose an e-book.We hope these tips will help you not to get lost when you run into variety range of electronic "e-readersĀ» .

How to choose an e-book?