How to connect the joystick to your computer Play on the computer like almost all users, regardless of age and activity.Someone interesting play patience, and someone has to prefer racing simulator, or so-called "Action."In this article we will tell, how to connect the joystick to your computer , which will certainly improve the sensations obtained during the game.

course, the joystick does not need to solitaire, but for more serious gaming many believe is simply an indispensable device .

connect the joystick to your computer is quite simple, you need only observe the sequence of certain actions.First of all need to install the drivers , which usually included any devices connected to the computer.

The following figure, whether the game itself work with joystick .To do this, connect the device to your computer.All modern joysticks connect to USB, so it is enough just to insert the cord into the slot of your computer.Now start the game, where the main menu, select «Options» , and then go to «Control Settings» .In the list of devices you need

to select the joystick.In that case it will not work, try to do the same procedure on the other game.If the device will refuse to work only in one application, contact support game developers.

also etc. To verify that the joystick can enter the menu «Start» and open «Control Panel» .Then select the point «Game Controllers» , where the status of the joystick should be written «OK» .If such status is not available, click on "Properties" and click the button «Check» .If so arose the error is corrected, the device vibrates or it will be lighted indicators.

addition to USB-ports joysticks can be connected to the so-called Game-port .In this case, the status of the scan operation of the product can be written «Not connected» .As a rule, the cause is a malfunction of the joystick, or software that uses the operating system Windows.

However, with Game-port First, make sure the device is connected a single copy , and to make sure it works, it should be through the "Control Panel" to enter the section "Game Controllers" and select «Joystick Game-Port ».If a point is available, the port is fully functional.Otherwise, we suggest contacting the technical support of the store where you bought the computer.

Usually joysticks connected to USB-port is automatically determined by the operating system immediately after the connection.When you start the game device does not appear in the corresponding list, check see if the joystick computer.To do this on the label «My Computer» right-click and from the context menu select «Properties» .Then enter the «Device Manager» .If the displayed list is not a joystick, then most likely, it requires a separate enable pressing a certain button on his body.

As you could see, the easiest to connect the joystick is used for the work USB-interface .But in any case you will need to take care of installing the necessary software for the proper functioning device during the game.

How to connect the joystick to your computer