Overclocking If you are not satisfied with the characteristics of your PC, then you have several options to improve the situation.You can carry out an upgrade of the system, ie,replacing some components with new models or "squeeze" from a set maximum.

Now, when new components for computers are becoming more affordable, the question of overclocking, and in particular, the processor is not worth so sharply.However, there are still a lot of systems that upgrade for one reason or another is not possible.In this case, acceleration - a great solution.

overclocking , he is overloking (overclocking), - is to increase the speed of the computer components due to their operation in the forced (emergency) operating modes.You can overclock the CPU and GPU, video memory and operational.For overclocking you can use the BIOS or special tools.

Important!Overclocking significantly increases its temperature, so without a good reliable cooling system to start overlokingu highly undesirable.

Most often dispersed CPU.Its performan

ce is defined by two parameters: the architecture and the clock frequency.Obviously, the architecture (structure) of the microprocessor user can not change, but change the clock speed of the processor - really.Why

possible overclocking? fact that the same processors which operate at different frequencies constructively have no differences.When testing the party processors on any single frequency (at all frequencies check each processor is very difficult), the processor rejected.If such discarded processors are tested at a lower frequency, then they are assigned labels.

manufacturer tests its products in very harsh conditions, so when working in nominal terms (corresponding to manufacturer's specification) processors remains approximately 10-15% headroom.It is this margin is used to overlokinga.

Sometimes a high-performance processor deliberately marked as slower simply because it is profitable for the producer.These processors will be able to accelerate to 30% and even higher.

As mentioned, increase the processor speed may be changing its clock frequency .The clock frequency is defined as the product of the multiplier and the system bus (FSB).It is through the control setting of these two parameters and performed acceleration.

Where implement tuning system bus frequency and multiplier?The easiest and most affordable option - BIOS .

Warning!Any manipulation of the settings and the system bus frequency multiplier user performs at his own risk and shall be responsible for any damage to or failure of computer hardware!

order to enter BIOS, you must boot the system, press a key or key combination on the keyboard.For most models of motherboards - a key «Delete».After entering the menu, find the section in charge of setting the bus frequency.Typically, such a section called «Advansed BIOS Features» or simply «Advansed».

This section should find a setting CPU Host Frequency (may be referred to as CPU FSB Clock, FSB Frequency, External Clock).This is the system bus frequency.Change the value of this parameter should be very smooth - no more than 10-15% at a time.After the change should exit the BIOS saving and running.

Be sure to check the stability of the system.Is there no "glitches" sudden freezes, blue screen (BSoD)?If the system is stable, you can go back into the BIOS and change the value of a bit FSB.

Besides setting the system bus frequency experienced overclockers also change memory timings, settings, multipliers and dividers, add or reduce the voltage supplied to the processor.Before you begin to change the settings of these parameters, you should be aware that, for what, in fact, these parameters are responsible, and what effect will be obtained.

Today, when the free market has a 2-, 4-, 6- or even 8-core processors with a high clock frequency, overloking - rather entertainment than necessity.Experienced PC users specially selected to disperse certain models of processors and motherboards appropriate to maximize the overclocking.

If you do not yet have sufficient experience or simply do not want to "mess around" with the settings, you may want to just buy a new processor with the required speed.