How to connect your headphones to your computer Many today use earphones with built-in microphone while working at the computer.With their help, you can make calls on Skype and listen to music without disturbing others.In this article we will tell, how to connect headphones to your computer .

First of all I must say that such a task is able to handle even a child.As a rule, headphone jack is designed for stereo sound .Therefore, you should first make sure that you really connect to the sound card stereoshnur.Check it's pretty simple: his Jack type connector should be two black stripes.Otherwise, the right channel output is closed and thus harms the sound card.However, in the shops you can find electronic components special adapters , which prevent a closure.

In the event that you have stereo headphones, equipped with plug Jack, a diameter of 3.5 mm and can be directly connected to the green sound card output of your PC or laptop .If color coding is not close to the necessary socket must be a small icon with the image of headphones or sign «Phones» .

should also talk about connecting professional headphones , who usually uses sound and radio workers.The fact is that these headphones have connector type Jack with a diameter of 6.3 millimeters .They should be connected via a special adapter, which is also quite easy to find on sale.However, many say some inconvenience of adapters, as they create the so-called radial load on the nest.Therefore, the adapter is best to do it yourself.Take TRS, diameter of 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm jack for connecting them flexible wire contacts.

To connect headphones with plug CP-SH , to your computer, you must also make a special adapter.Such connector can be found on the old CBS series headphones domestic .Despite the age of this headset is quite often possible to meet its connoisseurs of quality sound reproduction.To make an adapter, you must first define an ohmmeter connector pinout.At the moment when it is connected between the input and common terminal of one of the two channels, a click will be heard by connecting only one of them.If a click is heard in both channels simultaneously, then the emitters are connected in series.Only after determining which contacts correspond to stereo channels, and GND can be made adapter.It will consist of the slot-type CP-SH with five pins and a 3.5 mm stereo jack type Jack.

Finally it is worth to tell, how to connect headphones, a microphone which .To do this, in addition to the headphone plug plug plug the microphone into the slot.Jack should stick a microphone in pink nest .If color coding is not next to the icon will be necessary to jack microphone or an inscription «Mic» .As a general rule, use a headset to talk on Skype, so the microphone to work properly you will need to configure it in the program for calls and sound settings in the operating system.

To do this, enter the menu «Start» , select «Control Panel» .Next, go to «Sound» .In the dialog box should go to the tab «Record» and make sure that the currently enabled microphone input, line input instead.

How did you make sure to connect the headphones to your computer is quite simple.It is only necessary to know, which slot the card is output .

How to connect your headphones to your computer