How to Choose a Tablet PC? Tablets firmly taken its niche in the electronics market and are becoming increasingly popular due to its compactness.Their choice is so great that, having decided to choose a tablet, you can get confused. How to Choose Tablet PC?

begin with, that under the title "tablet computer" hidden several types of devices.The most common are two: Tablet PC and Internet tablet. Tablet PC - a full-fledged PC, only the tablet form factor.If desired, you can connect a mouse and keyboard, turning, in fact, in the laptop.Such devices have a hardware compatibility with IBM PC-computers.They established a full OS - Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

A internet tablet - is, in fact, a hybrid of a smartphone and a laptop.It has a compact size and is focused mainly on web surfing and working with web applications.The web plates are not compatible with IBM PC-computers.They established mobile operating systems (Google Android, Apple iOS, etc.) or systems-oriented web applications and cloud services (Google Chrome OS, Jolicloud)

.Compared with the Tablet PC Internet tablets less functional.

Most consumers tablet computers is associated with an Internet tablet, and asking how to choose a tablet computer, they are referring to web tablets.This type of tablet devices popular for its relatively low cost, easy and convenient user interface, oriented to work with webcam and long battery life. Let's see how to choose a tablet computer .If you decide

tablet computer, many first look at his appearance, while important first filling - especially processor .The processor in Web tablet is not as powerful as a conventional PC, but special power is not needed.If you do not intend to load your tablet with something heavy surf the internet, you have enough processor with a clock frequency of 600 MHz (but better to be sure to take stock - 800 MHz).If you are going to watch the video in high quality and to play games, you need a processor with 1 GHz and above.

The second important point - memory .Under memory can mean RAM and built. RAM affects performance.You can choose a Tablet PC with 1GB of RAM - should suffice.Built-in memory determines how much information you can store.It all depends on your "greed", but most tablets equipped with a slot for memory, so memory can always increase.

Note also the operating system installed .Familiar "Windows" does not expect - an adequate version of Windows for tablet devices is not.On the iPad tablet is, of course, the operating system from Apple - Apple iOS .But Apple devices are more expensive than from other companies, as you have to pay extra for many programs installed.For other brands of the most common variant - Google Android , choose the firmware is newer.There are other OS for the web plates, but they are not as common.

Now you can look closely to the appearance, more precisely, to the screen. diagonal web tablet can range from 4 to 11 inches, the most common options - 7 and 10 inches .If you need to compactness and low price, buy a tablet computer with a diagonal smaller.But if you want to choose a tablet, which will normally look like sites and videos should choose a tablet computer with a diagonal of 10 inches.The picture quality is higher, and interface elements - the largest that will facilitate the work.

Tablet PC equipped with a touch screen.It is worth knowing that the two types of touch screens - capacitive and resistive .Capacitive react even to a slight touch of a finger, but do not respond to stylus (except special).Resistance is primarily designed just for the stylus, fingers also respond, but will have to push hard.Here the main criterion - personal convenience.

It is very important for the Tablet PC battery life .What is more, the naturally better.Of the two tablets with the same battery capacity and mode of use will work longer one that is less than the diagonal.It is necessary to select a battery with a capacity of not less than 2000 mAh. also important weight device , because you will carry it with you.For the seven-inch tablets optimal weight - 300 grams, for a ten - up to 700

Since the web plates are focused primarily on the operation of the Internet, they must be equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G adapters .To connect external devices (USB flash drive as a minimum) are necessary connectors USB, expandable memory - memory card slot. From optional, but useful "widgets» can call built-in webcam, GSM receiver, Bluetooth, Ethernet connector and HDMI connector to connect a monitor.

also important housing material .This may be metal or plastic.Metal more durable, such plates do not scratch and does not creak, and look stylish.Models with plastic housing easier they better catches Wi-Fi.The quality of the plastic body varies in different models. Whatever body tablet necessarily need a cover!

As you can see, select the tablet PC is not as difficult as it seems. But to the choice should not carelessly , otherwise it may turn out that the purchased device did not live up to your expectations.

How to Choose a Tablet PC?